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We knew Greg Hardy beat up his girlfriend, but why are we appalled when we see the photos?

Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy beat up his girlfriend, but he is still in the NFL. He has been playing and the team stood by him, but Friday photos were released showing his brutality. Sports pundits are feigning indignation in light of the pictures. So his actions only became real when we could see them? Ray Rice knocked his fiancee out and got a 3 day suspension, but when the tape was released so was he. Chris Brown brutalized Rihanna, and when those photos were released he became the poster child for domestic violence. So its like when a tree falls in the forest an no one hears it did it really happen or matter? If we don’t see it even though the details are all there on the police report we are not convinced until we see the bruises. What does that say about us?

Fox Sports Half-Hearted Apology to Jessica Simpson

Fox issued a statement saying, “Burger King did not have any editorial input in the creation of the animation that ran last Sunday, and no one from Burger King Corp., approved it before it aired. Fox went on to say “Upon reflection, our poor attempt at humor was insensitive, and we deeply apologize to anyone who might have been offended.” Who might have been offended? What the heck does this mean? The commercial was offensive to Simpson and to all women. What bothers me is when this was being developed did anyone in the room have a problem with it? If so did they speak up? A few weeks ago I wrote a post asking When Did America Get So Mean? One of the commenters took exception and said America really wasn’t mean, but maybe rude. This kind of thing is just plain mean.