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When did Dad become so feminine?

Dads do more for and with their children than the dads did back in the day. You see dads at recitals, games, selling Girl Scout cookies. Dads are there and that is a good thing, but being a good dad does not mean turning in your masculine card. This commercial dad is shown with his nails polished in bright hues. Some would say what a cool dad, he is so secure in himself, but why didn’t he just tell the girls to put on clear polish? Dads have their role in their children’s lives, but what does this commercial actually celebrate? Share your thoughts.

Should all children receive the measles vaccine?

It is a yes or no question. As parents we make the health decisions concerning our children, but what if your decision has a detrimental effect on my child? Is that fair? I think children should be vaccinated what do you think?

Super Bowl 2015 Commercials show Dad’s softer side

Love seeing dads with their children. Not babysitting but doing what real dads do.

Are Fathers shortchanged on Father’s Day?

fahter's day 2014

Every year I struggle with Father’s Day. What do you get for the man who wants nothing? Generally speaking mothers will tell their spouse and children what they want for Mother’s Day. In some cases a mother will provide them with a list, but far too often fathers are mum when asked the simple question, “what do you want for Father’s Day?” Over the years we have had hits and misses. One year we struck gold with a hammock. He loved it and over the course of the summer he enjoyed his leisure time on it, but one year the kids struck out when they gave him a Three Stooges anthology which has never been opened. We have given him polo shirts in nearly every color known to man. Movie passes, restaurant cards and far too many ties. Why have we given him all of these things? Because he refuses to answer the simple question, “What do you want?” This morning on the Today Show they showed a statistic revealing that people spend close to 20 Billion dollars on Mother’s Day compared to only 12 Billion dollars on Father’s Day. So I encourage dads to speak up and say what you want. I always say I am going to tell you what I want. I might not get it, but you will never be able to say you didn’t know what I wanted. If you don’t ask don’t be disappointed if you get Volume II of the Three Stooges anthology. Stop being stoic, stop being the martyr, and just ask for what you want. You deserve it. So the question is what do you think is a good present for dad on his special day?

When did winning become a bad word?

At a recent school event parents were warned to suppress their “competitive urge”. When did winning become a bad word. When did average start receiving accolades? Children have to realize that there are people capable of running faster than they can and it is alright. Back in the day there were winners and losers and we survived. Creating an environment that eliminates competition is unrealistic. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise by Bulsby Duncan helps you Get Moving

jacob's abc of exercise
While out today I visited a local bookstore and I saw this book being featured along with the author and illustrator. I talked with him a few minutes about the concept and I decided to share the information with the Ebony Mom Politics audience. I have also copied some detailed information about the book from Amazon. Read over it and you decide if this approach to fitness is the right one for your children. FROM AMAZON:
Bulsby Duncan utilizes a unique style of teaching children different elements of fitness through his book “Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise”. This book introduces healthy activity unifying each letter of the alphabet and exercise, and is intended to reinforce the importance of being active at an early age. “Jacob’s ABC’s of Exercise” focuses on the various components of exercise such as: aerobic, abdominal, balance, flexibility, strengthening, and stretching. This book is also geared to assisting in the development of self-esteem, building character, and increasing knowledge of exercise in children to help in the fight against early childhood obesity. Parents and teachers will love how this book allows them to interact with the kids to help them learn ideal ways to be and stay fit. According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), one in every three children is obese and weight-related diseases are a result of their lack of activity. To join national movement to reduce childhood obesity, Mr. Duncan created Alphafit. Alphafit promotes healthy lifestyles during early childhood development by stressing the importance of being active. Mr. Duncan knows that children are our future and wants to start with ACTIVITY as a way to head them in the right direction. Grab a towel and some water and get ready to exercise with Jacob!!
for more information visit: http://www.createspace.com/3668643

Jason Collins is no Jackie Robinson

Like Charles Barkley said later we must get to the point where we can talk freely about this. To call homosexuality a sin is the belief of many Christians. It does not mean that we hate the people. But you can not tell coming from the other side. It appears that if you voice your opinion the other side says you hate them or are afraid of them(homophobic.) Most Christians do not hate or fear homosexuals and have no problem living among them. We are just compelled by the word to speak the truth. If a person chooses to not listen that’s on them. I have come to this realization that the homosexual lobby will not stop until everyone says that there lifestyle is not a sin or wrong. This will not happen and it doesn’t mean that we hate them. To compare Jason Collins to Jackie Robinson is an insult. This man has played 12 yrs in the league and has suffered no abuse. The outpouring of love has been straight ridiculous. Jackie suffered abuse from the minor leagues and had to live with a 3 yr non retaliatory clause. This kid has had to deal with nothing. Has he gotten bags of hate mail? Has he been abused on the court because of his sexual choice. (yes choice). The world has decided that homosexuality is the way to go so much that parents are encouraged to not teach their kids that it’s wrong but a viable lifestyle if they so choose to live that way or feel that way. I don’t care who you love or who you sleep with it ain’t my business so please please please quit boring me with it. And stop acting like it’s a big deal to tell the world Its not. If you don’t want the criticism don’t tell people who may not like that lifestyle. You are not changing those minds and you lose the respect of those individuals by trying to do so. LET US RESPECT EACH OTHER AS PEOPLE IRRESPECTIVE OF WHO YOU LOVE/SLEEP WITH.

Oregon Schools build “third” gender bathrooms

Is this a sign of the time? Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Will Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughter be as bad as The Sisterhood?

Tonight Lifetime will premiere a new reality show, Preachers Daughter. Last month TLC aired a 6 week series, The Sisterhood featuring the lives of pastor’s wives (first ladies). That show was a hot mess, but the ladies were adults, but this new Lifetime series will be looking at the lives of teens and that is a very different story. it starts tonight so the jury is out on whether this will also be a hot mess.

Our Hearts are Broken, but what will we do about it?

connecticut shooter

Early this morning I  heard there was a shooting at a school in Connecticut. When I heard it there were very few details shared with the audience, but when I returned later this afternoon I was shocked and saddened like the rest of the country.  The shooter took the lives of 20 children and six adults. He even killed his own mother.  We have seen killings at the movies, the mall and the schools. We are appalled at this tragedy, but we should also be appalled at what we seen going on in cities like Chicago. This year in that city over 500 people have been killed. tonight we will collectively grieve for the victims and we will hug our own children a little tighter tonight, but what will we do next?