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Should all children receive the measles vaccine?

It is a yes or no question. As parents we make the health decisions concerning our children, but what if your decision has a detrimental effect on my child? Is that fair? I think children should be vaccinated what do you think?

What’s Wrong with an old-fashioned whooping?

What is a switch? Ask any black person over the age of 35 and they will tell you. It is a branch devoid of leaves used for beating children. As a child I can remember visiting my grandmother and she would bring a switch into the kitchen and say the next person that got out of line would be whipped with that switch. It served as a bad behavior determent, but was it right? No, but was it child abuse? In the 60s and 70s children really had no rights and parents and grandparents were free to apply any form of discipline they saw fit, but those days are gone. Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse and he claims he was doing to his child what was done to him. That might be true, but was it right then and is it right now? Share your thoughts.

Are Fathers shortchanged on Father’s Day?

fahter's day 2014

Every year I struggle with Father’s Day. What do you get for the man who wants nothing? Generally speaking mothers will tell their spouse and children what they want for Mother’s Day. In some cases a mother will provide them with a list, but far too often fathers are mum when asked the simple question, “what do you want for Father’s Day?” Over the years we have had hits and misses. One year we struck gold with a hammock. He loved it and over the course of the summer he enjoyed his leisure time on it, but one year the kids struck out when they gave him a Three Stooges anthology which has never been opened. We have given him polo shirts in nearly every color known to man. Movie passes, restaurant cards and far too many ties. Why have we given him all of these things? Because he refuses to answer the simple question, “What do you want?” This morning on the Today Show they showed a statistic revealing that people spend close to 20 Billion dollars on Mother’s Day compared to only 12 Billion dollars on Father’s Day. So I encourage dads to speak up and say what you want. I always say I am going to tell you what I want. I might not get it, but you will never be able to say you didn’t know what I wanted. If you don’t ask don’t be disappointed if you get Volume II of the Three Stooges anthology. Stop being stoic, stop being the martyr, and just ask for what you want. You deserve it. So the question is what do you think is a good present for dad on his special day?

You hire a nanny, and she kills your children…what’s a Mom to do?

A NY mother, Marina Krim hired a nanny. She and her husband spent time with this woman during the hiring process. She seemed like the perfect fit, but then she did the unthinkable. She stabbed two of their children to death and then attempted to kill herself. This is the kind of crime that makes all parents cringe. You never know what lurks in the hearts of men. The parents did nothing wrong. In fact they did everything right and still and this happened to them. Fortunately this is a horrific tragedy it is not the norm. Parents have to work and other people look out for your kids while you work. You’ve got to simply pray they are sane. share your thoughts.

FYI: Lion King Audition in New York

TLC’s Honey Boo Boo Child is just the latest reality show trainwreck

I saw promos for Honey Boo Boo child while watching TLC formerly (The Learning Channel) and I felt sorry for the entire family. Why would I have this reaction? After all they are being paid well to let the cameras chronicle their daily antics, but what is the real cost? America is going to watch this and laugh and mock the family. The tragedy is the audience will not be laughing with them they will be laughing at them.

Happy Father’s Day to Real Fathers, Real Men

Black fathers sometimes get a bad rap. The black fathers on the Maury Povich show will dance a jig when they hear those famous words “you are not the father”, but what is a father? If you meet a woman at the club and you have a one night stand with her and she gets pregnant are you a father? Sure you might qualify as a sperm donor, but at that point you do not have a real connection to that woman, and surely no connection to that child. Your intent was to have sex with the woman and now you find you have a connection that will at least last until that child is 18, but even if you do not feel a connection you do have a responsibility to that child, and today we celebrate the men who have stepped up and taken that responsibility to heart. We celebrate the fathers that are married and committed to their families. They are committed to teaching their sons how to be a man and how to treat a woman. We celebrate the fathers that are showing their daughters by their own deeds what kind of traits they should look for when they seek a mate. We celebrate the fathers that encourage their children to reach beyond their circumstances and strive toward success which is still attainable. It might be harder to attain, but it is not impossible to attain. I celebrate my grandfather who had the foresight to educate his 5 children in a time when most children did not finish high school. I celebrate my own father who worked hard all his life to give us a better life, and lastly I celebrate my husband who loves his children and teaches them on a daily basis how to walk up right and be the person God created them to be. So Happy Father’s Day to real fathers, real men.

Pageant Mom Calls her son a “diva” is this a problem?

Toddlers and Tiaras is a popular show on the The Learning Channel. Young girls strut their stuff in the girls pageant world. What struck me about this clip is that a little boy is yearning to be a part of this world and his mother seems perfectly fine with it. In fact she refers to him as her little diva. Watch the clip and tell me what you think. http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/toddlers-tiaras-better-than-the-girls.html#mkcpgn=snag1

Why would a mother allow her toddler to be hung in a closet and beaten?

From Associated Press: An 18-month-old South Carolina boy is in critical condition after authorities say he was hanged by his ankles in a closet and repeatedly beaten by three teenagers. Multiple media outlets report that the three teens, ages 14, 15 and 16, are accused of abusing Louis Wright of Charleston. The child’s mother, Shakera Wright, has also been charged with allowing the beating to occur. Police were called to a hospital Tuesday when the mother brought Louis in with face swelling, fractured ribs, bruises and lacerations to his spleen, liver and pancreas. She told a social worker the teens “play-wrestled” with the boy Monday. She said they hit her son until she told them to stop. Arrest warrants say the oldest teen admitted the abuse, calling it wrestling.” Why? That is the only question. What mother would allow her child to be subjected to this kind of cruelty? Where was her mother? Is this immaturity or simply cruelty? Tell me what you think.

This Father’s Day Let’s Celebrate Black Fathers Not Criticize Them

A few years ago we were planning a Father’s Day program at church and we were saying that the fathers needed to be given an instructional sermon. After the discussion my pastor asked us a simple question. He asked “why do we celebrate moms on Mother’s Day, but on Father’s Day we choose to lecture them?”  We had never looked at it quite that way we were lecturing them. That is what I feel we have been doing to black fathers for years. The community and the media have fashioned an image of the black fathers and so many have collectively bought into the myth.  Don’t get me wrong I know there are many fathers who are not truly fathers they are merely “babby daddies.”  One recent case of irresponsibility was Desmond Hatchett of TN, he has fathered 21 children by 11 different women, and he is only 29 years old. He works a minimum wage job and can not take care of them. He is a sensational case, but he is not reflective of black fatherhood. There are thousands of black fathers that work everyday and take care of their children. They love their children and spend quality time teaching their children how to be better people. This group is ignored by the mainstream, but they are there for their children everyday. So today let’s celebrate dads. It is a hard job, but so many of them do it well, and today is our day to just say thanks.