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President Trump is a new kind of president, the rude kind

Jeb Bush said it best when he called Donald Trump a chaos candidate and he said if he was elected he would be a chaos president. No truer words have been said. We have a president without self control who has weaponized Twitter. He has used his 140 characters to insult US citizens, foreign leaders, members of the Democratic party and members of his own party, but no one can stop him. He has reduced his staff to trying to explain the unexplainable. We have seen his spokespeople try in vain to justify whatever lunacy he chooses to type. Trump is the emperor with no clothes. His staff continues to marvel at his attire but the rest of us see a “naked” president who is exposes himself to the world, and the world is not afraid to say what they really see.

Why is AE glorifying the Klan with “Generation KKK”?


Republicans and Democrats can not agree on the facts

I have been watching the Melanie Trump saga today. She addressed the Republican convention last nights and some of the lines from her speech were eerily similar to Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech. In fact it appears to be a case of plagiarism. Well at least that’s how most folks see it but not the Republicans. They say she merely used common phrases but its one thing to be commonly used phrases and its another thing to use someone else’s. Those on the right who might concede plagiarism immediately follow that statement by saying Melania Trump had nothing to do with it. Oh that wonderful presumption of innocence. I wonder if the script was flipped would people so readily say I know Michelle Obama had nothing to do with it? We live in a world where the right and the left agree on nothing so why should this be different. All day long videos have been shown illustrating the problem but the Republican operatives keep trotting to the microphone to tell us don’t believe your eyes or ears. There is nothing to see hear but there is and it is the Trump campaign has bullied its way to the top. Trump has been applauded for his efforts and the bullying is not about to stop and no amount of facts will stop this campaign, but we know the truth. Melania Trump delivered last night too bad she did not write it.

Dan Savage talks gay threesomes on The View…really?

Dan Savage is known for his in your face advocacy but today he brought his wisdom to The View. This season The View is going in a new direction. They seemingly are moving away from the stay at home moms model to a broader more inclusive audience. They want everybody and they are seemingly willing to go out on a limb. I walked in on the Savage segment and heard him discussing how we are hardwired to cheat. Barbara Walters asked him a specific question regarding if he cheats on his partner and Savage replied well if he were cheating his partner would be cheating also because he would be at the other end of the person he was cheating with. Walters seemed taken aback, but was she? Isn’t this exactly what she wanted?


How could Secret Service Agents be so reckless?

If the Secret Service agents had just paid the prostitute her money we would have never known what they were doing, but they wanted to get the 2 for 1 special. It was all part of their arrogant attitudes that they thought they could get by with cheating the prostitute. If they had simply fulfilled their illicit contract they would not have had all of their actions on blasts. Now we need to know did their actions put the president in jeopardy? We also want to know how often do they do this? We all know this was not their first time at a foreign strip club. There are so many political questions that need to be asked and answered, but the other sad thing is I’m sure some of these men were married, and when they got home they really walked into a world of hurt.


Crazy Meets Crazier: Glenn Beck Attempts to Interview Rep. Eric Massa

Rep. Eric Massa had announced he was resigning from his seat in Congress. He has given a variety of reasons: cancer reoccurance, inappropriate behavior with staff and most recently he was forced out by his own party. The Democrats were forcing out one of their own. Why? He did not support the healthcare bill. Well this made Glenn Beck’s ears stand up like a dolberman pinscher. Get that man on the show. Finally we can have one of his own bash him. It was time for some good ole Obama bashing, but what they failed to do is vett this guy. Massa proved to be quite the foil for Beck. Beck finally got the opportunity to look into the eyes of crazy and not be looking into a mirror and it was great. Beck had to apologize to his audience at the end of the show for wasting their time. Maybe he should end all his telecast the same way.

Joe Wilson Dishonors Congress by Calling President a Liar During Speech

 As President Obama addressed the joint session of Congress one representative demonstrated disdain for the president, and his agenda by calling him a liar. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina said the president was lying when he said the healthcare benefits would not be extended to illegal aliens. Wilson screamed “lie” and at that point the president paused for a moment and then resumed his point.  Wilson must have channeled some of the hostility that we witnessed this summer at the town hall meetings. He just felt the need to get rowdy. Other Republicans demonstrated good manners by simply not applauding for those points they opposed.  Sen. John McCain said that the Congressman was totally disrespectful and he should apologize. Wilson apologized after speech and said ”This evening I let my emotions get the best of me when listening to the President’s remarks regarding the coverage of illegal immigrants in the health care bill. While I disagree with the president’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this lack of civility.” This is typical GOP say what you want to say and then apologize, but you got it out there and tomorrow Wilson will be the toast of the right, and that is the audience he answers to.

Robert Novak Learns It Is Better to be Right than First

Yesterday journalist Robert Novak floated the idea that John McCain might be announcing his runnig mate this week. Other jounalists scoffed at the idea and thought it might be a McCain ploy to get some media attention.  Today Novak said he believes he was used to create a little McCain buzz. “I got a suggestion from a very senior McCain aide that he was gonna announce it this week,” Novak told Fox News. “And they suggested I put it out … so I just put something on the internet. I since have been told by certain people that this was a dodge, trying to get a little publicity to rain on Obama’s campaign,” he said. “That’s pretty reprehensible if it’s true.” Novak consider yourself another victim of the Straight Talk Express.