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Dr. Ben Carson is a conservative and he is no Uncle Tom

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Is Twitter Blocking Users from Tweeting iStandWithPhil.com?

As petition drive surges to 200,000 supporters, this marks the 3rd major shutdown of a pro-Phil Robertson social media effort
RALEIGH, NC, Dec. 23, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Twitter has blocked users from Tweeting IStandWithPhil.com as the high-profile petition drive in support of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson rapidly approaches 200,000 members in just under four days. This marks at least the third major shutdown of a pro-Phil Robertson social media account since the story broke days ago. “Despite Twitter’s shut down of iStandWithPhil.com, we are surging through 200,000 supporters. In recent days, iStandWithPhil.com is among the top trending hash tags on Twitter,” said Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer. “We’re encouraging supporters to be heard, Tweet the @support or @twitter account, and use their other means of communication to get iStandWithPhil.com back online.” A Google page diagnostic of IStandWithPhil.com indicates “this site is not currently listed as suspicious” and that “this has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.” IStandWithPhil.com. is alerting its supporters and asking them to Tweet @support or @twitter to unblock postings that contain IStandWithPhil.com. IStandWithPhil.com, a project of Faith Driven Consumer – an organization connecting Christian consumers with faith-compatible companies – is an online petition drive calling for tolerance, fairness, and respect for differing viewpoints in America’s rainbow of diversity. The project, which is just four days old, has been widely profiled by hundreds of media organizations across all mediums including local and national digital, print, and broadcast outlets.
QUESTION Is it fair for Twitter to block the site? share your thoughts.

GOP matriarch Phyllis Schlafly enourages the GOP to reach out to white folks…is she right?

Phyllis Schlafly says the Republicans are wasting time reaching out to the Hispanics. She contends they will vote Democratic. She encourages them to reach out the white people who did not vote last time. is this thinking racist or realistic? Share your thoughts.

DOJ battles Associated Press, IRS battles Conservatives and there are more questions about Benghazi…when did the Obama administration go off the rails?

I am a supporter of President Obama, but I am not blind and there is something wrong in the White House. There are too many things going wrong and even his most ardent supporters should be asking questions. The Republicans have politicized the Benghazi tragedy from day one, but there are some valid questions that need to be answered. It is not enough to say that the tragedy has become a political football. While that might be true it does not preclude the need to answer valid questions associated with the incident. The IRS has been targeting conservative groups for additional scrutiny when they were seeking tax exempt status. The president has denounced their actions, but that is really not enough. The fact is who told them to do it? There has to be some kind of electronic paper trail and that needs to be investigated. This is not some kind of low level shenaningans. Some officials higher up the food chain need to be held accountable. The latest is the DOJ going after the Associated Press. C’mon man. The government investigating the press. This is simply wrong and it is not less wrong because we like the occuppant in the White House it is wrong on its face, but how did the administration get so far off the rails, and how will they get back on the rails? First thing they have to do is be accountable and not just look to shift blame to the Bush administration, the conservatives or whoever else might be convenient. Democrats have to move away from a defensive posture to an assertive posture. They need to be asking the tough questions too. The fact is we know that the Republicans take delight in all of these calamitous events coming to a head at once, but that can not be a reason not to address the issues. The president’s supporters can not put on blinders or put our heads in the sand. We have to hold the president accountable. We have to hold him up to the standards he set. We can not let him off the hook because we admire him because he is the first black president and we simply are still enthralled by that narrative. We had no problem when we criticized other administrations but we have been timid in calling out wrong with this one. I still support the president and it is early in this second and last term. We should not abandon the promise but if we want the promise to turn into a productive and fruitful second term we have got to make it happen, and that is not going to be comfortable for anyone.

Michelle Malkin “Evolution of Liberal Dancing”

Michelle Malkin offers her answer to the First Lady’s Evolution of Mom Dancing. Share your thoughts.

Meet Mia Love-GOP Congressional Candidate

Mia Love could make history this fall. she could be the first black woman elected as a Republican. She is running to represent the 4th congressional District in Utah. Love is a Mormon and she is a married mother of three. I saw her interviewed today on CNN and one of the questions she was asked struck me as odd. The interviewer commented about the fact that her election would be historical and then she asked her what were her feelings when President Obama was elected. It was interesting that the interviewer probably expected her to say it gave her a sense of pride but that is not what she said. She simply started saying her own talking points which is what most politicians would have done.

Ann Coulter Loves her Blacks

Ann Coulter says “our blacks” are better than their blacks. Really, I thought blacks were free so how can she call Cain one of hers? Sure she was attempting to define him as one theirs and she meant conservative, but that is not what she said. What she said was troubling at best and patronizing at worse.

Orlando Jones Says “Liberals should kill Sarah Palin”, but it was a joke–Not funny and Not OK

Twitter is great in the right hands, but sometimes 140 characters can get you in trouble. Orlando Jones thought his tweet was funny and when challenged he said it was a joke. Joking about killing anyone is never funny. the stories I read said some conservative bloggers were upset, but I am not in the conservative camp, but I too think it was out of line. What do you think? Funny or dangerous?

Hats Off to Herman Cain

Herman Cain wants to be president, and today he won the Florida Straw Poll, and Cain is a Republican. If you went to Martin Luther King Jr. Street in any urban area and asked some one passing by “who is Herman Cain”, I think one out of ten people might know. These are the people that voted for the current president. They are his base. It is sad that because of idealogical differences the accomplishments of conservative blacks are not a source of pride within the community. A few weeks ago I did a post that listed some black Americans that our children should know. One of my more conservative readers pointed out that my list excluded some great conservatives like former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Secretary Condeleezea Rice which I later added, but my point is we still need to celebrate the accomplishments of people who do not share our political views. So tonight I say to Herman Cain, congratulations.

Herman Cain Says No Muslims will be in his Cabinet

Herman Cain is a black conservative making his case for president. A frequent critic of President Obama, Cain has said just because the first black president was bad don’t be afraid to elect him. Over the weekend while addressing conservatives in Iowa, Cain said if elected he would not have any Muslims in his cabinet. This drew loud applause.  Cain said “I will not. And here’s why. There is this creeping attempt, this attempt, to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government,”. He went on to say . “It does not belong in our government. This is what happened to Europe. And little by little, to try to be politically correct, they made this little change. They made this little change. And now they’ve got a social problem that they don’t know what to do with hardly.” Is Cain just racist or does he have a point? Tell me what you think.