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Allen West says he is the “Modern-Day Harriet Tubman”

So Allen West is the great Emancipator. As a matter of fact he compares himself to Harriet Tubman. He is truly a legend in his own mind, but in spite of his exaggerated sense of self does he have a point? Tell me what you think.


Tim Scott Will Not Join the Congressional Black Caucus…is this a good thing?

In a statement released yesterday Tim Scott said, “While I recognize the efforts of the CBC and appreciate their invitation for me to caucus with them, I will not be joining at this time,” Scott said. “My campaign was never about race.” Scott went on to say “The black community, like all communities, will benefit when businesses can use their profits to hire more workers instead of paying higher taxes,” he said.  “Reducing the tax burden, decreasing government interference in the private sector, and restoring fiscal responsibility, and I don’t think those ideals are advanced by focusing on one group of people.” So what do you think? Is this the right decision? Couldn’t he have brought a diverse voice to the CBC or do you think he would have been drowned out?