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6th Annual HBCU Career Development Marketplace Benefiting the Upper Classmen of 10 National Historically Black Colleges & Universities

(January 25, 2013 – Washington, DC) The HBCU Career Development Marketplace announces the 6th Annual conference, which will be held at the National Housing Center in our nation’s capitol.
The National Housing Center, 1201 15th Street, NW, Washington D.C.
Thursday, January 31, 2013, 2:00pm Welcome Speaker, 3:00 pm Welcome Reception
Friday, February 1, 2013, 8:00am Career Development Marketplace, 5:00 pm Closing Ceremony
The HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) Career Development Marketplace is a one-of-a-kind conference that brings students from the nation’s HBCU’s to the Washington, D.C. to mix with prominent HBCU alumni, meet prospective employers, and attend workshops about life in corporate America. Now in its 6th year, the HBCU Career Development Marketplace is actively preparing the minority leaders of tomorrow.
This event benefits the upper classmen of Historically Black Colleges & Universities to provide minority students a glimpse into the world of corporate America, as well as the tools to succeed after graduation. The HBCU Career Development Marketplace is a nonprofit organization that is advancing the leaders of tomorrow – by offering workshops, dynamic speakers, and access to employers committed to recruiting the best diverse candidates. The HBCU Career Development Marketplace provides students an opportunity to network with prospective employers as well ass an opportunity to make a difference in their respective communities.
Speakers: Dr. Darryl Scriven, Mayor William D. Euille, Harry Black and Harrine Freeman, Shene Commodore, and Ludwig Gaines. Event Founder: Tariq Shane.
WWW: To see photos and get information from past events go to http://hbcucareermarket.com
Event Contact: Marisa Judge at mjudge@asballiance.com
or (301) 596-6031, ext. 160.
PRESS: Media inquiries contact Hillary Beulah at hbeulah@hbcucareermarket.com or (301) 596-6031, ext. 180.

About the HBCU Career Development Marketplace:
The Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) Career Development Marketplace was founded in 2001. Created by Tariq Shane as a one-of-a-kind experience for HBCU students that would simultaneously give back to the community that gave him his early foundation and dedication.

It is the mission of the HBCU Career Development Marketplace to inform and educate HBCU graduates about corporate America as they enter in to the workforce. An inspirational event that is enhanced through the involvement of prominent HBCU alumni, the conference provides students a series of workshops, meetings, and networking opportunities where they can gain solid skills and first-hand knowledge about beginning their careers.

The HBCU Career Development Marketplace has aided in the goal of shaping the leaders of tomorrow for the past six years. The conference has currently hosted over 1,000 HBCU graduates, and given its attendees the tools to be smarter and stronger as they build their path to career excellence. For more information, visit http://hbcucareermarket.com

Who do Tyler Clementi’s Parents Blame for their son’s death?

Very interesting article about Tyler Clementi’s parent’s search for reasons why their son took his life. Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


RNC Targets the College Vote is this ad effective?

In 2008 candidate Barack Obama captured the youth vote, now that he is president has he lost some of his magic? The RNC is targeting the youth vote. Watch the ad and tell me if you think it is effective or not.

The Yeardley Love Case Demonstrates Domestic Violence Can Happen to Anyone

Over the past few days I have watched the coverage of the Yeardley Love tragedy. Her accused killer is her former boyfriend George Huguely.  Both young people were seniors and standout lacrosse players. They were from well off families and their futures looked bright. They were poised to step into the American dream until he killed her. Now everyone is saying how could this have happened? Their pedigree should have exempted them from this kind of tragic end, but it didn’t because domestic violence does not discriminate. Socioeconomic levels are not a barrier to domestic violence.  This young man had a history of run-ins with the law but no one seemed to know about them. he had to do 50 hours of community service in Virginia and the University of Virginia did not even know it.  How could this happen? This young man was from a well off family and they have the ability to make bad things disappear. I have heard Huguely described by some journalist as a boy, but this guy is 22 years old and in America that is a man. His attorney described this as a tragic accident. This guy has admitted kicking her door in and then proceeding to beat her and bang her head against a wall. Huguely enjoyed a life of privilege and entitlement. Seemingly no was not a word in his vocabulary. Some of his friends say he got violent when he drank. Well if you know this then you know you should not drink. His daddy has been able to get him out of jams before well this is one that daddy will not be able to easily fix. This case just reminds us that domestic violence is not just something that happens to poor people it hits all sectors of society.