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Did Single Mothers see Coach Sandusky as a Father Figure?

The Penn State story is sad on so many levels. There are many people who are being blamed. The graduate assistant who witnessed an attack and called his father instead of the police, Coach Paterno who called the athletic director when he knew that he was the last word on the campus, and finally the real culprit the alleged sexual predator, Coach Sandusky who selected and groomed boys attending the Second Mile program. Sandusky would “court” the boys by giving them clothing, computers, trips to college games and professional games. As a mother I would have to ask why was this man giving my son all of these gifts, and my husband would also question the generosity of this non-relative generous benefactor, but sadly so many of the mothers of the victims were single mothers and they were in search of a father figure for their children, and Sandusky in their eyes fit the bill as a good role model. Sandusky had his own personal stable at the Second Mile and he had the opportunity to not only prey on the vulnerability of the child, but also on the mothers. Where are the fathers? Too often the eleven year old boy is called “mommy’s little man” or the “man of the house”. It is too much responsibility for the small shoulders of a boy to handle, but sadly he is in that role. So when an adult shows a real interest in him he has the opportunity to have fun, and just be a boy he jumps at the chance. He does not have the maturity to truly question motives he just sees light at the end of his prematurely adult shadowed world. This is fertile ground for a predator. So the child is eager and the mother is too. Don’t get me wrong this is not an indictment of the victim. I applaud the single mothers doing what they need to do to raise their children, but I wonder after the fathers read the accounts of what happened to their sons do they not only get angry at the predator, but do they flip the mirror and get mad at their selves.