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Politicians need to think before they speak…Your Words Matter

The campaign trail has to be one of the most uncivil places on earth. Politicians question each other’s patriotism, faith, business acumen and overall competence. All this is done loudly and on camera. No insult is too low and no innuendo is too desperate. One is left to wonder how did we get here?
Politicians are not the only ones guilty of uncivil conversation. Is their conversation outrageous or does it actually reflect how we talk to each other. Check out social media and you will see people are not governed by conventional rules of good taste everything posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is subject to comment from readers and the comments tend to be brutal. When did we decide that manners was no longer relevant in our society?
We have become accustomed to course dialogue in every facet of life. Look at reality television. Women are pitted against each other. There is nothing to vile to articulate. The worse the behavior the better the ratings. Fighting is encouraged on the airwaves, and that same bold behavior is being seen on the streets and in our schools. Teachers were once respected by parents now face aggressive parents who come to the school prepared to verbally and sometimes physically assault the teachers. We see people more likely to record a fight than stop a fight, and when that fight gets uploaded to YouTube thousands and sometime millions happily watch the replay. What does that say about us? We decry violence but we watch it for entertainment. Are we a nation of hypocrites? Have we simply lost our way? Have we become tolerant of the language? Is this our new normal? Is the low road now the road to victory or are we ready to start speaking to each other in a respectful manner.

Alton Sterling’s Death for the World to See

alton sterling
His brutal death can not be ignored.

Why is Donald Trump praising Sadaam Hussein?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised brutal dictator Sadaam Hussein last night. Share your thoughts.

Alton Sterling killed by police…but why?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Why are mothers killing their children?

Last week a Texas mother shot and killed her two daughters. She was killed by the police when she refused to drop her weapon. Yesterday a Tennessee mother stabbed her 4 children to death. What is going on? Should guns be banned? Should knives be banned or were both of these mothers in need of mental health intervention? It is hard to reconcile that a mother could carry a child for 9 months watch them grow up and be then the person that extinguishes that life. That spells mental illness.

Red Cross poster racist or insensitive

red cross poster
Look at the poster. Why are all the non-white people doing the un-cool things? That’s what people asked when they saw it. Red Cross has since apologized and pulled the poster from its website. Share your thoughts.

Walter Fauntroy, civil rights leader, arrested at DC airport

Walter Fauntroy has meant a lot to the civil rights movement in this country. His contribution is indeed significant. Keep that in mind as you review his current situation. We tend to forget history and dwell only on the recent. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Jesse Williams BET Award Speech Was the Moment of the Night

I watched the BET Awards last night to see the Prince tributes. Don’t know the new groups and can’t understand the lyrics or the raps they shared, but the moment of the night belonged to Jesse Williams. He received the Humanitarian Award and his speech was brutally and beautifully honest. It left you uncomfortable and inspired. Watch the speech and share yoxur thoughts.

Who killed Freddie Gray?

Six officers were charged with the killing of Freddy Gray. So far no one has been found guilty and more than likely no one will be found guilty. Last year when the city of Baltimore was on fire there was a need to stop the violence and Marilyn Mosby provided the solution. She brought the charges but even then some questioned the timing and the evidence to support the charges. Now one year later the cases are falling apart. There is only one certainty Freddie Gray is dead but so far no one is guilty of the killing.

Donald Trump, Mr. 2 Corinthians, has the audacity to question Hillary Clinton’s faith

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


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