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Why did CNN Black in America feature Tim Wise as the expert on race?

Last night Tim Wise was the featured expert on CNN Black in America, some wondered aloud and on Twitter why was he chosen for this role? Was there a a black qualified speciilist in the field of colorism/race available. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.



CNN Almighty Debt Restates the Problem, but offers few solutions

Last night I watched the CNN Special Almighty Debt. This is the latest of their Black in America series, but what was immediately apparent is debt is not a racial issue it is an economic issue. It is an issue that crosses the racial divide. One of the couple’s profiled in the piece had not paid their mortgage in 26 months and they were attempting to renegotiate the terms of their mortgage.  Their mortgage payment was $4000 per month. They had been a two income household and she lost her job, and that is when the house of cards fell apart. They had all the trappings of wealth, but nothing to back up the façade. They talked of faith and belief in God, but it was as if God was their Genie and he was going to make everything alright. I was impressed with Pastor DeForest Soaries whose church was profiled in the special. He is committed to teaching his congregants debt reduction principles. It was also interesting to see that the couple with the mortgage issues had not attended the debt reduction program, but she promised to attend once she got through this situation. The irony is maybe if they had attended they might not have gotten in so deep. The takeaway from the special is that times are hard, jobs are hard to find, it is hard to finance a college education and lastly blacks are hardly the only ones in this situation.

CNN Almighty Debt airs tonight at 9PM

Don’t forget to watch CNN’s latest installment of Black in America. Tonight’s installment is The Almighty Debt. This series will explore churches that are helping their members deal with debt and will feature a townhall discussion with Bishop TD Jakes and Pastor Soaries. One of the questions they will be answering is should pastors provide financial advice? The church has never been shy about asking for money but few have ever sought to empower members with the tools necessary to help members manage their finances. The black church has been under instense scrutiny in light of the Eddie Long scandal. People are questioning whether ministers are being good stewards of the members contributions. I look forward to hearing a very lively and informative discussion tonight, and I encourage everyone to watch.