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CNN Black in America 2 Celebrates Marriage

Last night was Part 2 of the CNN special Black in America 2. There were several stories that dealt with healthcare and media related issues. The special also examined black marriage and how marriage has also been permanently minimized in the black community, but they highlighted Nisa Muhammad who heads Wedded Bliss a foundation dedicated to the preservation of marriage. Wedded Bliss sponsors 8 week boot camps that allow couples in trouble the opportunity to work through their issues. I have been critical of some aspects of the Black in America series because it has seemingly concentrated on the negative aspects of the black community. It was refreshing last night to see the focus on black couples committed to their children and committed to their marriages. The black community is full of diversity and sadly this segment is rarely highlighted so I applaud CNN for concentrating on the positive.

CNN Black in America 2 Did Not Disappoint

Last year I watched Black in America and I came away asking the question “is being black really that bad?” The special painted our existance as being virtually hopeless. So tonight I approached this next installment with more than a little skeptisim. The first portion profiled children from Brooklyn who were taken to South Africa to see how people lived that had less than they did and their reaction to this journey was powerful. we saw children truly blossom as they learned to serve versus being served. You really saw some true character development. We also black children at a high school in Conneticut that sends 100% of their graduates to 4 year institutes, and lastly we saw children of the privlileged learning how to network. It was great to let the majority see there is real diversity within the race and not every child in the community aspires to be a rapper or go to the NBA. There were children profiled that do have these aspirations and that is alright, but they do not represent all the children and that is what made this show truly special. I commend CNN for devoting this kind of time to this issue. for 3 hours tonight CNN talked to all of America about black people and it is refreshing that the conversation showcased different groups within the race. Some will say it simply is not enough but I will say it is another step in the right direction and I appreciate the effort.

CNN’s Moment of Truth Kicks Off Black in America 2

Tonight as I watched CNN’s Moment of Truth hosted by Soledad O’Brien I was inspired by the stories shared by Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, DL Hughely and Bev Smith. Each of these radio talk show hosts introduced us to someone who had been a major influence in their lives. One of the things that I took exception to was Bev Smith’s contention that “we are still slaves we simply don’t know it.” I hate to hear someone make a statement like this. She sounds just as crazy as the “birthers”. Black people have come a long way from Jim Crow to now. For a major network like CNN to devote this kind of airtime to this issue shows the progress we’ve made. This does not mean America is a Utopia, but we are a work in progress and there has been significant progress.