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Juanita Bynum Typing in Tongues…no I’m not kidding

I was on The Root website today and I read the linked story. The headline simply read “Juanita Bynum types tongues on Facebook. So of course I went to her Facebook page to see for myself and there I saw gibberish typed follwing various gospel platitudes followed by gibberish. Bynum is a very popular televangelist who hit her stride in the nineties when she did her popular sermaon “No More Sheets”. Bishop TD Jakes gave her a national platform and she took off. She was married to Thomas Weeks in the most over top ceremoney one could imagine. Her wedding was televised on the Christian Network TBN. That union ended when she and then husband fought at an Atlanta hotel parking lot. At that point Bynum appeared on national television and said that she was going to be a domestic violence advocate. From there she fell off the radar, but recently she has been getting more attention and now she is fighting people on Twitter and typing “tongues” on Facebook. This has not been a banner year for the television ministry: Eddie Long and his exploits with the teenage boys, the death of Zachery Tims under questionable circumstances and now Bynum and her tongue typing. People love to mock Christianity, but a belief in Christ provides me with a sense of hope in the midst of these very challenging times. Notice I said a belief in Christ, not a belief in the minister. I admire my pastor, but one thing that he often says rings so true “love man, but trust God.” Words to live by.