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Bill Maher’s Assault on God Continues

His disdain for deity amazes me. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


Rated T is for Tolerance?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Christmas is About Love

Christmas star
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe on him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16
This is the premise of Christmas. God loves us and he sent his son so that we might be save, but he also gave us freewill so it is our choice to accept or reject the gift. This real spirit of Christmas has almost been lost in the fog of commercialism. The other night I watched the Peanuts Christmas special. It was made in 1965 and even then Charlie Brown was lamenting the over commercialization of Christmas. If that was an issue over 40 years ago then 2012 has truly jumped the shark. We have more, but we still want more. I am not advocating a “no” gift Christmas. I love giving and receiving, but who are we giving presents to? Is it our family of four and no more? I found it interesting that in light of the Newtown tragedy people were sending gifts to the town. So many gifts that the village of Newtown had to tell people to stop sending them, but it is ironic that there are people in every town and every city in need. There are children who would love a teddy bear in every urban city and every small town. Charity begins at home and then it spreads abroad. Ordinary people have the ability to do extraordinary things, but they have to be willing to try. So this year I hope you celebrate the real reason for the season, and I encourage you to spread a little love to all that you encounter today.

Is there a War on Christmas? Atheists Billboard in Times Square: Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth

keep the merryShare your thoughts.

This Sunday is Pulpit Freedom Sunday…if pastors endorse candidates should they lose tax exempt status?

This Sunday hundreds of churches plan on endorsing political candidates. Some of these churches plan on going a step further by sending the IRS a copy of their remarks. Should churches be able to keep tax exempt status if they do this?


Should Churches Pay Taxes?

The question is simple: as churches become more politically involved, should they pay taxes, Yes or No, and why?

Church Promotes, “Great Sex God’s Way”, is this appropriate?

This church sent out 30,000 direct mail pieces and received about 24 complaints regarding their flyer. What do you think is this the way to lead people to Christ or is this sensational for the sake of being sensational?

Can Political Pastors Keep their tax exempt status…Speakupmovement.org seems to think so

This Sunday October 2nd pastors will speak out from the pulpit on any subject they choose, including politics. Can they do this or does this violate church and state and thus nullify their tax exempt status? Tell me what you think.

Is Drive thru Church the wave of the future?

How do you get people to come back to church? No one really knows the answer, but why do people stop coming? You hear all kinds of excuses: the pastor is always asking for money, the people talk about each other, I don’t have anything to wear are just a few. It is interesting that the same people who complain about the greedy pastor will spend their last dime at the mall, the nail and beauty salon or the tatoo parlor. The people who complain about the church members deal with all kinds of personalities at their jobs but they manage to keep on going and most churches are moving toward a more casual, relaxed look so you can wear just about anything to church. The linked article shows a church that has taken their services to a parking lot. Now people don’t even have to leave their cars to hear the good word. Do you think this would draw more people? Tell me what you think.


Megapastor Paula White sues minister for stealing “her members”

Paula White is suing a minister for stealing her members. White accuses the minister of saying derogatory things about her and luring “her members” to his ministry. So many pastors actually look at their members as chattel. They feel like they own the members and no one else can touch them. It is an arrogant attitude that seems pervasive in some of the media, personality driven ministries. Creflo Dollar instructed former members of Eddie Long’s church to go back to him. He said Long had a “wretch” and they should go back. So what would be regarded as a victory? The stolen members are returned? Please grown people decide where they want to worship and no lawsuit is going to bring them back to ministry they have rejected.