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How long will church folks keep listening to James Fortune?

james fortune
Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Christians versus Church Folks don’t be deceived they are not the same

I wrote this 4 years ago but it is still so relevant:

I love Christians, but I can’t stand Church folks. Some will ask what’s the difference? Well here’s a list:

Church folks tear down other members.

Christians build up everyone they meet.

Church folks act like they are happy for your successes.

Christians really are actually happy for your success.

Church folks are extremely critical.

Christians will give correction, but they will always do it in love.

Church folks will give big so they can be viewed as big shots.

Christians cheerfully give what they have no matter how much it is.

Church folks worry and fret about what they wear to church.

Christians realize what is in the inside is more important than what is on the outside.

Church folks have a need to be seen doing good things.

Christians simply do good things

Church folks will come and see you when you are sick and tell everybody they did it.

Christians will come and see you, bring you a meal, and clean your house and not tell a soul.

Church folks say they love everybody.

Christians actually show love for everybody.

This is far from an inclusive list. Feel free to add to the list via the comment section.

Has the Obama Administration become intolerant of Traditional Christian Beliefs?

Pastor Louie Giglio had been asked to give the inauguration benediction, but yesterday he withdrew his name. He did this because he has taught against homosexuality and in this political climate that is a no no. Is being gay friendly and gay accepting a pre-requisite for doing anything at President Obama’s Inauguration? It looks like the answer is yes. President Obama has evolved on the issue of gay marriage and it seems that his evolution should have been adopted by all of his supporters. “Family Research Council President Tony Perkins pointed out that Obama shouldn’t have been surprised in the first place that an evangelical pastor held a biblical view on homosexuality. “This is another example of intolerance from the Obama administration toward those who hold to biblical views on sexuality,” he said in response to Giglio’s withdrawal. “Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, and Orthodox churches all actively proclaim that sexual intimacy within the marriage of one man and one woman is the only biblically-sanctioned human sexual behavior. Are the scores of millions of Americans who affirm these teachings no longer welcome at the inauguration of our president?” The Presidential Inaugural Committee said one of the biggest reasons they asked Giglio to deliver the benediction was because of his leadership in combating human trafficking. Giglio has raised awareness and millions of dollars during Passion conferences to combat modern-day slavery. But his record on compassion was brushed off over a mid-1990s sermon, Perkins lamented. “What is shocking is the intolerance of the Obama team that put such a high priority on forced acceptance of homosexuality that they totally disregard Pastor Giglio’s life work combating human trafficking,” the FRC head commented. “What we are seeing is the inauguration of a new era of religious intolerance in America.”* The Inauguration committee also invited Richard Blanco a gay poet to participate in the ceremony and that announcement was greeted with cheers, but in spite of the work that Giglio has done on human trafficking he is given the gentle nudge off the stage. Is our new tolerance actually a new intolerance? Share your thoughts.


When did Praying become Tebowing?

From the land of the ridiculous. Listen to the announcers say Von Miller is doing a Tebow. Let’s get this straight when he bowed down he was giving honor to the greater one-God, not Tim Tebow. Please stop the madness.

Oregon Church sues blog writer for negative online review?

An Oregon mom decided to review a local church. In the review she described the church as “cult-like”. Cult like makes one envision the Jonestown massacre and the deranged leader Jim Jones. No church wants that kind of ink. The church is suing the writer for $500,000. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Jesse Campbell hits all the right notes on The Voice last night

It is something exciting about seeing someone you know on national television. Jesse Campbell wins voice battle last night. Campbell has an amazing voice and I hope he goes far.

TD Jakes Latest Movie: Woman Thou Art Loosed- Opens April 13th

TD Jakes movie Woman Thou Art Loosed premires April 13th. See just released trailer. Jakes attempts to make positive films with strong casts. They are devoid of coonery and buffoonery. Support this film so we can see more like them.

Tyler Perry Explains why Kim Kardashian is in his latest movie

Kim Kardashian will be appearing in Tyler Perry’s next movie, The Marriage Counselor. Perry’s movies have always appealed to the church going, Bible toting, hat wearing, hankerchief on their knees crowd. So the idea of Kim Kardashian, the woman who first came to fame via a sex tape with Brandy’s little brother Ray J simply did not seem like a perfect fit in a Perry movie. Well, Perry recently took to his website to acknowledge the fans and explain his decision. The best way fans can show their displeasure is simply not go, Perry has a right to cast anyone he likes in his projects and fans have a right to keep their money in their wallets.


Comedy Central Must be Stopped from Mocking Jesus Christ and We Can Stop them

One of the shows Comedy Central has in development is JC “the concept is to depict Christ as a “regular guy” who moves to New York to “escape his father’s enormous shadow.” With all the subjects available to their writing staff please tell me why would they choose Jesus as a comedic foil? Comedy Central is known for its irreverent humor, but even they have bowed to pressure from the Islamic community. “Comedy Central was the target of an Internet threat this spring from a Muslim group for a South Park episode that supposedly showed Muhammad in a bear costume. Like other media organizations, it resists showing a depiction of Muhammad because many Muslims consider a physical description of the prophet to be blasphemous. Such depictions of Muhammad in other media have resulted in death threats by fundamentalist Muslims against the purveyors.” So since some factions of the Muslim community have threatened violent retribution for depicting their highest religious figure in a comedic or unflattering light Comedy Central backed down. Well, Christians are not going to threaten violence, but we can boycott any company that sponsors this show. This show does not deserve to see the light of day but if it does let’s make sure its showing is short-lived. If you agree with me contact Comedy Central and make your voice heard: www.comedycentral.com

Why Do We Refuse to Recognize Domestic Abuse in the Church?

Bishop Thomas Weeks became a household name when he got into a fight with his then wife Evangelist Juanita Bynum. The fight took place in a hotel parking lot and an employee of the hotel intervened to stop the skirmish. At the time Bynum said that she was the new face of domestic violence. Since that time we have heard very little about the issue from Bynum. In March 2008 Weeks pled guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to 3 years probation and 200 hours of community service. At the time of the incident Weeks expressed remorse and said “My emotions got the best of me, and I take responsibility.” Fast forward to October 2009 and Weeks has married another prophetess Christina Glenn. In an interview on bet.com the new wife seemingly minimizes the abuse Weeks inflicted on his former wife. She refers to it as “losing your cool”. She describes the domestic violence incident as “the situation”. When people use euphemisms to describe abuse they minimize the seriousness of the situation. Too often in the church members make excuses for abusive leaders. Weeks pled guilty to assault, he did not plead guilty to a “situation”. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we have to stop closing our eyes to what we see in the pews of our churches. Weeks might have turned the page on his violent ways, but neither he or his new wife can whitewash what happened between him and Juanita Bynum.  That incident of abuse is chronicled in a Georgia courtroom.