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The (Write) Right Word by Elizabeth Morrison is the Right Resource for Everyone

The Right Word
I love this book. The Right Word helps you use the right word everytime. It deserves a place on every bookshelf: at home, in the study, and at the office. It is an essential reference for: students, business people, crossword addicts and anyone with an interest in words of language. The Right Word looks at words that often confuse–elicit vs. illicit; imply vs. infer before providing a list of commonly misspelled words. You will reach for this book frequently. If you write anything this is the book for you. From Career Press:

Ruby Dee Dead at 91…RIP

ruby dee rip
Another legend goes from earth to glory.

Spent: Looking for change narrated by Tyler Perry

Watch the video and share your thoughts.

Are Fathers shortchanged on Father’s Day?

fahter's day 2014

Every year I struggle with Father’s Day. What do you get for the man who wants nothing? Generally speaking mothers will tell their spouse and children what they want for Mother’s Day. In some cases a mother will provide them with a list, but far too often fathers are mum when asked the simple question, “what do you want for Father’s Day?” Over the years we have had hits and misses. One year we struck gold with a hammock. He loved it and over the course of the summer he enjoyed his leisure time on it, but one year the kids struck out when they gave him a Three Stooges anthology which has never been opened. We have given him polo shirts in nearly every color known to man. Movie passes, restaurant cards and far too many ties. Why have we given him all of these things? Because he refuses to answer the simple question, “What do you want?” This morning on the Today Show they showed a statistic revealing that people spend close to 20 Billion dollars on Mother’s Day compared to only 12 Billion dollars on Father’s Day. So I encourage dads to speak up and say what you want. I always say I am going to tell you what I want. I might not get it, but you will never be able to say you didn’t know what I wanted. If you don’t ask don’t be disappointed if you get Volume II of the Three Stooges anthology. Stop being stoic, stop being the martyr, and just ask for what you want. You deserve it. So the question is what do you think is a good present for dad on his special day?

12 year old girls stab friend to please a demonic fictional character

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Another Mass Shooting and we say what now…again

Over the past few days we have listened to the rantings of another sick loner. He was unstable and unhappy, and he took his feelings out on the innocent. Everyone is sitting around asking how did this happen? Why didn’t we see the signs? This guy posted disturbing videos on youtube, but have you looked at youtube lately? If you arrested or questioned everyone who did that youtube would have to say bye bye. The police visited the young man but he pulled it together long enough for them to conclude he was no threat. He legally purchased his guns. So what could have been done to stop this tragedy from happening? The answer is simple, nothing. No one can predict the actions of an unstable person and you can not lock someone up for being odd. Over the next few days we will hear the gun debate but nothing will come of it. If nothing happened after 20 1st graders were slaughtered sadly nothing is going to happen after this.

DL Hughley under fire for calling Columbus Short’s wife a “thirsty hoe”, but he was just joking…really?

DL Hughley must be a graduate of the Joan Rivers School of Comedy. They both practice the anything goes brand of comedy, and that style can get you in a lot of trouble. Columbus Short has been in the news lately and not for doing good in the neighborhood. Short has been accused of domestic violence and he was recently fired from his prime time gig on the popular show Scandal. Hughley took a shot the other day at Short’s wife. He called her “a thirsty ho”. He has since backtracked, but the real question is why did he feel comfortable enough to use this description in the first place? Did he really think this was funny? This is a form of bullying. Hughley made this statement without knowing the facts of the Short marriage. He took an easy shot at the wife–the non celebrity. He characterized her based on his own bias. He is making the obligatory apologies, but his mindset is the same and if another male celebrity gets caught up in a domestic situation that can trust Hughley will be on their side. He does not need the facts to draw a conclusion.


Facebook fight ends with the death of 14 year old Chicago girl

Another sad death story from Chi-town:

Ladies what are you waiting for?

I work with an after school program. The children are ages 3-10. Children are fascinating because they come from a place of truth. Yesterday I noticed a six year old girl sitting on the sidelines during playtime. I walked over and asked her was there anything wrong. She said sadly that she was trying to tell one of the boys something and he would not stop to listen. I tried to get her to play and I asked her was she going to just sit there and be sad while the boy continued playing and sadly her response was yes. At that moment I thought it starts so early. So many women spend so much of their time lamenting the absence of a man in their life. In some cases it is to the point that they miss so much because of the lack of a man. This six year old was content to be sad while the boy played on. She did eventually get up and play, and hopefully women collectively will see that life is full of joy even if you are waiting for the object of your affection to stop playing and pay attention to you.

Why did the word “submit” make Barbara Walters so crazy?

Ephesians 5: 22-25 Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. 23 For the husband is head of the wife, as also Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body. 24 Therefore, just as the church is subject to Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. 25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her,Today Candace Cameron Bure was a guest host on The View. She is a Christian woman and she said that she submits to her husband. The word submit seemingly drove Barbara Walters crazy. It is interesting that women like Walters say they support the choices of all women, but when a woman says she submits to her husband she is looked at as less than. Bure attempted to explain what submit meant in her marriage and Sherri Shepard even added her two cent, but Walters could not let it go. She even asked Dr. Phil his opinion about submission, but if a man loves his wife like Christ loved the church there will be no problem with submission. It is funny that the ladies of The View celebrate the union of two women, but berate a woman who makes the choice to submit to her husband. In 2014 some choices are celebrated while others are mocked…is that equality?