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How many children have to die?

Two little girls were shot in the head this weekend in Chicago. This morning one of them Takiya Holmes died. She was only 11 years old. She was sitting in the backseat of her mother’s car. She was the victim of a stray bullet. It was likely shot by a gang member trying to hit another gang member and the girl was the unfortunate victim of their reckless shooting. At this point they have no suspects. So how do we stop this senseless killing? The law of the hood is still “snitches get stitches”. So what has to happen for people to start talking? Gang members used to simply kill each other but now the innocent are losing their lives. How can this be stopped? More policing? The police can not be everywhere. Should the federal government intervene? Something has got to give. We grieve with the family but sadly grief is not enough. Somebody has to be accountable or this will simply be the new normal. Share your thoughts.

Are we teaching the children to be victims?

Over the past few days I have watched the national conversation concerning the Jackie Robinson Little league baseball team. The team has been stripped of their championship because they broke the rules. They are accused of having boys on the team who did not live within the residential boundaries of the team. The coaches knew what they were doing when they put the boys on the team, but the entire team is punished for the acts of a few. This is sad, but it is not some conspiracy created by “the man”. Sadly, some are characterizing this as a race thing. What are we doing to the children? When we tell them something is racist and it isn’t aren’t we creating a victim mentality? What are we doing when we justify cheating by saying “they do it too”. What happened to us? Share your thoughts.

What can Mayor Emanuel do about the violence in Chicago?

What can the mayor of a city do when someone decides to shoot into someone’s house? What can a mayor do when someone decides to shoot into a moving car? What can the mayor do when someone decides to shoot into a church? What can the mayor do if someone decides to shoot at young people gathered on a playground? The answer is nothing. This is irresponsible reckless, depraved behavior and it is hard to control. The control needed is self control. Gun control is not the answer because most criminals don’t purchase their guns from gun dealers.  The police can’t lock up everyone and that is not the answer. People in the community live under a cloud of fear because their real enemy is in some cases sharing a roof with them. So the victim count will continue to escalate and nobody has the answer. One can only hope the numbers will drop when the temperatures do.

Has Chicago gone Buckwild?

The other day I was driving and listening to the DL Hugeley radio show. They were discussing the violence going on in Chicago and they refered they called the Windy City, Chiraq. I immediately understood the reference but when I got home I Googled it and found out that this term is a common term in the community. So has Chicago truly become as dangerous as Iraq? We all saw the shooting at the basketball part and how 13 people were wounded but is the entire city like this? The answer is no. There are parts of the city that are not affected by this kind of senseless violence. How can this be possible? This kind of behavior would not be tolerated on the Gold Coast? No one would dare to simply start shooting people on the “Magnificent Mile”, and if they did I guarantee you they would be caught and convicted. I hear people say the people in the community won’t help themselves well what should they do? Should they strap up and literally fight fire with fire. should they form vigilante groups and patrol the neighborhoods? Come on people if the police can’t handle it then they should take up the governor’s offer and call in the troops. The people need help. the answer is not more bars on the windows and locks on the doors. Chicago can do better and Chicagoans deserve more.

Chicago is slated to close 55 schools, is this a bad thing?

Many people have attacked the plan to closed 55 schools in Chicago. The board and the Mayor say that by doing so they can save money and dedicate more resources to the welcoming schools. This is not an endorsement of the Mayor or the board of Ed., This is not an endorsement of charter Schools, This is not an endorsement of the closings. This one thing we know for sure. The present system is not working and has not for a long time. To continue to defend a system that does not work is foolish. To support a school that doesn’t do a good job in educating your child is even more foolish. If the school is next door but your child still can perform on level it’s time to look for a new school. It seems to me that the parent and students fight is not the same as the teachers. The parents and students are fighting to keep the neighborhood schools and the teachers union is fighting for the jobs. Karen Lewis has done a good job scaring people by talking about the potential violence. I still wonder that if the Board promised to place all 1000 teachers who will lose their jobs, would Karen Lewis be on the front line fighting or would she abandoned the fight. Hey Karen I understand your position. Teachers do need their jobs but be honest enough to say so and not hide behind the children and uninformed parents. Many of the schools are bad and are in horrible buildings. They need to be closed. Ms. Lewis said that by closing the schools it will destabilize many communities. Seriously, what neighborhoods? Many have already been destabilized by the drugs, crime , and unstable families. Some of the schools are the worst in the city and have served as a feeder system for the prison industrial complex. This plan might work, it may not. What has been going on for the last 30 yrs has definitely not worked and the Board and CTU has to bare at least some of the responsibility.

Chicago Residents: Looking for a Few Good Mentors

chicago mentors
if you live in the Chicago area you might be interested in this. Martin Luther King’s favorite song was “If I can Help Somebody”. This might be your chance.

500 Homicides in Chicago this year and the year’s not over

FROM ASSOCIATED PRESS: Chicago has logged its 500th homicide of 2012. The last time the city reached the 500-homicide mark was in 2008, when the year ended with 512 killings. Last year, city records show Chicago had 435 homicides. On Thursday, officials with the Chicago Police Department said the city was one homicide away from the 500 mark. Hours later, a 40-year-old man was fatally shot in the Austin neighborhood on the city’s West Side. Police say Nathaniel Jackson was found on the sidewalk outside a convenience store with a gunshot wound to the head late Thursday. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office says Jackson was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital early Friday. Jackson’s death remains under investigation. No arrests have been made.
So what can be done about this? Share your thoughts.

Albertina Walker, a gospel great dead at 81

Today I read that gospel legend Albertina Walker had died. It made me sad because so many of the gospel pioneers are dying and real gospel music is becoming a lost art. Sure we go to church but now it is praise and worship. The songs are beautiful, but they don’t have that capacity to hit you in the center of your core like good old gospel. When I was growing up there was a show called Jubilee Showcase. It came on for 30 minutes of Channel 7 in Chicago and it is the place where I first heard this amazing voice. Her voice was not beautiful in the traditional sense. It’s real beauty came from the heart of this vessel. She had the God-given gift to make you feel her words. You knew she understood what she was singing about, and when you heard her it was no doubt what kind of music she was singing. She was gospel. Today we have Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams and other. They sing songs that can crossover, but Albertina Walker sang songs that were simply about the cross. She will be missed.

Rahm Wants to be Mayor of Chicago, but do they want him?

When Mayor Daley announced he was leaving the Chicago throne candidates started coming out of the woodwork. Daley has occupied that office for over 20 years. His dad was mayor for over twenty years and after his death Michael Bilandic, Jayne Byrne, Harold Washington and Gene Sawyer held the office until daddy’s boy was ready to ascend. So now finally someone else can hold the office. There are people in that city that have been patiently waiting on their shot, and no carpetbagger is going to waltz in from Washington and simply claim the mantel. It has been very interesting watching the Rahm Emanuel story unfold. Everyone says this is Emanuel’s dream job. Well that’s great but what really matters is do the people of Chicago want him? He has spent more time in Washington than in Chicago. Does he even know his way to the southside? Chicago is so much more than the northside and the Gold Coast. So he has a lot of ground to cover. It is not an impossible task, but it will not be easy because he is just one of many that have dreamed of being mayor of Chicago.

Former Chicago Police Lt. Jon Burge Goes On Trial

I grew up in Chicago and today I read an article on www.newsone.com about former Chicago top cop Jon Burge. Burge was and still is an imposing figure. For years he was allowed to run amok and torture prisoners without fear of reprisals. Prisoners complained, but their complaints fell on deaf ears. Burge seemed cloaked in Teflon, but finally Patrick Fitzgerald is bringing federal charges against him.  Now Burge is an old man, but that should not be an issue. We have seen in recent years men prosecuted for crimes committed during World War II and the civil rights era, and it is a good thing. It is never too late to right a wrong, and Burge led a corrupt department and finally he is being held accountable for his own criminal behavior.