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Chelsea Handler says Bill Cosby tried to “Cosby” her…really?

I read this story and I was left SMH. Chelsea Handler said she performed with Bill Cosby about a decade ago and he asked to meet her. She felt weird about the invite and she brought some friends with her. Nothing happened to her but she has added her story to the narrative. She is living in the alternate reality called what “might have happened.” She aid she believes the women because of her experience. Really? Share your thoughts.



Chelsea Handler’s Oscar Tweets…unfunny or racist?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Chelsea Handler goes off on Angelina Jolie…is this comedy?

PLEASE NOTE THIS CLIP IS PROFANE. This weekend while appearing in New Jersey Chelsea Handler went off on Angelina Jolie. Handler is a friend of Jennifer Aniston and she used her stand up act as an opportunity to lash out at Jolie. So is this supposed to be funny or our these people content to hear Handler rant? Is this how a woman should talk about another woman? Didn’t Aniston and Pitt break up years ago does Aniston even want her dredging this up? Tell me what you think.

Nick Cannon is Chelsea Handler Worth Your Career?

Chelsea Handler heard Nick Cannon was doing a comedy tour. She tweeted “who was doing the comedy.” Nick Cannon responded but he went way over the top.¬†Below you will find his sequence of tweets. Why would he respond in such a vicious way? Cannon is the current host of America’s Got Talent. Do you think he will keep his job, and was it really worth it? Tell me what you think.