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We Shall Overcome, but when?

Today I have been consumed by rage. ¬†How could someone come into a church sit in a Bible study class and then kill 9 people. I have watched and listened to some of the church members and family members share their thoughts. They have talked about how their faith will sustain them. I am left in awe to see how they can move from the immediacy of the tragedy to an embrace of their faith. Where is the anger? Where is the rage?The Bible says you can be angry but sin not. Anger is an acceptable response to anarchy. Sometimes I think people of faith attempt to be too stoic in the midst of chaos. It is ok to be mad, it is ok to ask why. We don’t have to stand strong all the time. We can weep, we can rant, we don’t have to be the MLK for the new millennial. Today anger is acceptable–embrace it. #Just1Day.


Don Lemon called Uncle Tom while covering the Charleston Massacre

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