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Charles Barkley says he hates “nappy hair”…would a white man get away with this?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.


Charles Barkley’s says “Analytics don’t Work”

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Madea…oh no! Charles Barkley’s Weight Watchers Commercial

One question: why?

Charles Barkley Says Tweets are For Losers…is he right?

Charles Barkley says he does not tweet. He said if you wake up in the morning and you want to know what he doing you are an “idiot”, but is celebrity watching the only reason people tweet? Twitter is a news source. So is Barkley simply a grumpy old man or does he have a point.

Tracy Morgan’s Sarah Palin Joke Was Simply Not Funny

Why would the TNT Basketball broadcast team ask Tracy Morgan to comment on Sarah Palin? Morgan is crazy on a good day. What did they really expect?  Morgan was at the New York Knicks/Miami Heat game last night.  What they got was a crude joke that was an not only an insult to Palin but to women. The fact that Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley laughed only fueled the situation. It was poor judgment exercised by TNT to ask Morgan to comment unscripted and the hosts looked equally crude by laughing.

Lebron James asks “What Should I Do?”…why didn’t he ask this a few months ago?

Lebron James chose to play for another basketball team and that was his right. He is now a member of the Miami Heat. Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers was not the issue the issue was how he left the team and the city. The city was heartbroken and James’ star power was temporaily tarnished. so now he comes out with this commercial which includes sublte swipes at one of if not the greatest player Michael Jordan who ever played the game and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley who was critical of James. This is an edgy commercial done by someone who has how many championship rings? That would be zero. So what should he do? Play the game and let’s see if at the end of the season that you too might have a ring.