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Chad Ochocinco Johnson gets 30 days in jail for slapping his lawyer on the butt…is this fair?

Chad Ochocinco Johnson used to be a big deal in the NFL. As a big deal most of your bad behavior is often overlooked. As long as you are catching those passes you can virtually do anything you want, but when you are on the down side of glory what once was viewed as cute can now be viewed as criminal. Today Johnson was a stone’s throw from freedom when he made the mistake of slapping his lawyer on the butt. In the sports world that might be viewed as an “atta Boy”. Some in the court room found the gesture amusing, but the judge did not. Judge Kathleen McHugh refused to accept the plea and sentenced Johnson to 30 days in jail. Did she overreact or is this justice?

Is it that hard to believe Evelyn Lozada is a victim of domestic violence?

Today I have read stories and watched sport shows discuss the Chad Johnson/Evelyn Lozada domestic violence incident. Johnson has been dropped by the Miami Dolphins and VH1 has announced that the reality show that featured both Johnson and Lozado has been shelved. but what is most disturbing is how so many people can not believe that Lozada is actually a victim. Lozada one of the stars of basketball Wives has been seen throwing bottles at her enemies and in on one case jumping across a table in hot pursuit of another victim. She has been an aggressive sometime violent bully on the show, but does that mean that she can not be victimized? I read a headline on The Grio website that read “Chad Johnson’s family heartbroken over Dolphins split, Lozada incident”. It leaves the reader wondering are they more heartbroken over Johnson’s loss of livilihood or loss of love? Right now we don’t know all the details, but it seems that some people can not picture this reality bully as a victim? Sadly, her reputation precedes her and for some people that’s enough to make them say “wonder what she did for him to head butt her?” What do you think? Can a bully be a victim?

Miami Dolphins cut Chad Johnson after head butting incident

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco) has been cut by the Miami Dolphins. This comes after Johnson was arrested for head butting his bride Evelyn Lozada. After the incident Lozada ran to a neighbor’s house for assistance. Some have questioned whether she should have made the incident public. Johnson still sees himself as a superstar, and teams put up with all kinds of bad behavior from their superstars, including domestic violence, but Johnson is a has been and has beens are held to the standard of mere mortals. Mortals are expendable and that is what Johnson was. His coach had warned him earlier about his use of profanity during interviews and Johnson simply was not used to having his behavior questioned, but Saturday night put the period at the end of his tenure in Miami. They dropped him so I guess they will now have to rely on the Basketball Wives checks. Well that’s if they stay together.

T.O. and Ochocinco…Dynamic Duel or Double Trouble

It is hard to believe that anyone would believe that Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco could possibly share the same side of the football field, but obviously the Cincinnati Bengals believe it can be done. With the addition of TO they had two of the biggest egos in football vying for playing and camera time. Last year TO behaved himself in Buffalo but he also had a somewhat lackluster season. Owens is more of an issue when he does catch the ball and at 36 he is approaching the backside of his career, and his grasp for glory is reaching the point of desperation. Sportswriter Jay Marriotti said “It will be comical enough watching them demand the football, leaving one to pout when the other guy is getting more touches or the other to mope when he isn’t catching the winning touchdown pass. But if we’ve learned anything through the years from these hopeless attention hogs, it’s that they’re entertainers first who inevitably will vie to have the most Twitter followers, pull off the more discussed end-zone stunts and, frighteningly enough, attract the higher ratings in their back-to-back reality shows on VH1.” Well said. Tell me what you think. Are they gifted athletes or just glory hounds?