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Did you see the BET Awards or was it Celebration of Gospel?

Can a show attract an audience if it only features gospel music? The answer is yes, but obviously BET does not believe it. They started sprinkling in R & B audiences in a few years ago, but now they are featured artists. It just seems a little odd to pair people singing songs of praise with people singing songs that are designed to sex you up.  R& B has its lane and Gospel should have its lane. I am just waiting to see a secular show incorporate gospel stars into the mix like celebration of Gospel did last night, but we know that is not going to happen. Share your thoughts on last night’s show.

Celebration of Gospel: Ministry or Minstrel Show?

BET has been doing the Celebration of Gospel Show for 14 years, and Steve Harvey has been their host. He used to have explain or justify his presence, but no more. The show features more secular talent now than gospel. It’s a show plain and simple. Share your thoughts.

Celebration of Gospel or That’s Entertainment

This morning I was reading a post on the site The Old Black Church. She gave her opinion on the BET special Celebration of Gospel. She expressed dismay over the fact that gospel seemingly got lost in the special and it became more about entertainment and less about glorifying God. I agree whole-heartedly with her assessment. I too felt the show had gone a little off the rails. We know that gospel music has gone mainstream but does mainstream mean unholy? If you turned to the show and did not know the premise would you have associated the antics with gospel music?  I don’t think so. Gospel is moving more and more toward love songs that never mention Jesus and hip hop dancers that are more like JayZ than JC.  So let’s just say a Celebration of Gospel was entertaining but not inspiring.