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Red Cross poster racist or insensitive

red cross poster
Look at the poster. Why are all the non-white people doing the un-cool things? That’s what people asked when they saw it. Red Cross has since apologized and pulled the poster from its website. Share your thoughts.

Walter Fauntroy, civil rights leader, arrested at DC airport

Walter Fauntroy has meant a lot to the civil rights movement in this country. His contribution is indeed significant. Keep that in mind as you review his current situation. We tend to forget history and dwell only on the recent. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

Jesse Williams BET Award Speech Was the Moment of the Night

I watched the BET Awards last night to see the Prince tributes. Don’t know the new groups and can’t understand the lyrics or the raps they shared, but the moment of the night belonged to Jesse Williams. He received the Humanitarian Award and his speech was brutally and beautifully honest. It left you uncomfortable and inspired. Watch the speech and share yoxur thoughts.

Who killed Freddie Gray?

Six officers were charged with the killing of Freddy Gray. So far no one has been found guilty and more than likely no one will be found guilty. Last year when the city of Baltimore was on fire there was a need to stop the violence and Marilyn Mosby provided the solution. She brought the charges but even then some questioned the timing and the evidence to support the charges. Now one year later the cases are falling apart. There is only one certainty Freddie Gray is dead but so far no one is guilty of the killing.

Donald Trump, Mr. 2 Corinthians, has the audacity to question Hillary Clinton’s faith

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

America grieved with the parents who lost their child to an alligator…but why did they want to prosecute the parents whose child was almost mauled by a gorilla?

A few weeks ago a mom took her children to the zoo and her 3 year old toddler managed to get away from her grasp. He entered a gorilla’s area and the gorilla tossed him around like a rag doll. The zoo officials made the decision to kill the gorilla to save the child. Protesters appeared questioning the zoo’s decision to kill the gorilla. The parents were put under extreme scrutiny. The father’s criminal record which had nothing to do with situation were made public. A petition was launched calling for the parents to be prosecuted. No prosecution was launched but where was the love for them? In the Orlando situation the father was walking with his toddler son and his son was wading in shallow water when he was attacked by an alligator. The child was killed and this is tragic, but the parents were never vilified they received universal sympathy. The father was immediately hailed as a model father. No one asked why would a 3 year old be allowed to wade into Floridian water? No they received grace pure and simple and that is what the family in Ohio should have also received.

How Do You Spot a Racist?

Racism used to be easy to spot. In the 1950’s and 1960’s signs supported legalized racism. Colored only and White only signs were prevalent throughout the South. In the face of integration of the University of Alabama in 1963, Governor George Wallace stood at the door of the school and defiantly said, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.” There were no gray areas in this statement. You knew where he stood and his own words defined him as a racist. Times were simple then, but in 2016 we are puzzled by the kind of political conversation we are hearing. Wallace was ultimately defeated and visual symbols of racism were eliminated. Laws were changed and racists were vilified, America seemed to be ready to go in a more progressive direction, but in this election season we are witnessing the rebirth of the racist candidate. The problem is no one wants to be branded racist even when their own words indict them. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee has attacked Mexicans, Native Americans, Women, even the current President of the United States all while receiving more primary voters than any other Republican nominee. So if the candidate was awarded and celebrated for his tone and words during the primary why would he change that tone when he enters the general election? So what happens when this candidate attacks a judge who is over his civil case? The GOP candidate who promises to build a wall between our country and Mexico and says the judge of Hispanic descent can’t fairly judge the case against him because of his ethnic background. So by virtue of being Hispanic he is incapable of being fair to the presumptive nominee. This kind of thinking and speaking is the definition of racism according to the Republican Speaker of the House. So is the nominee rebuked? Are his supporters demanding that he backpedal regarding this offensive attack on the judge? It is interesting watching them try to support him while trying to distance themselves from his more incendiary remarks, but is that really possible? How can you position yourself as fair, rational and non-racist when you still grant tacit support to someone who repeatedly goes beyond the pale when characterizing his opposition? This is the risky strategy that the Republicans are trying this year, and only time will tell if it will actually work, but I still believe if it walks like a racist, talks like a racist it’s a racist, and a racist should never be the occupant of the White House.

Newsflash Republicans: You Don’t Get Points for Acknowledging Racism

George Wallace was a racist. He stood in front of the University of Alabama in the face of integration he utter the infamous words” Segregation today, segregation tomorrow segregation forever. He said he meant it and the federal government used him as the welcome mat as black students started attending the school. There used to be consequences for his actions, but in 2016 consequences are non-existent. Donald Trump has said numerous racist things regarding the judge presiding over his fraud case. What have the Republicans done about it? They have acknowledged it but most of them still support him. There are no points for acknowledging. A racist should be vilified not celebrated, and he certainly should not be the GOP nominee,

Muhammad Ali was a celebrity that loved people

Muhammad Ali died but today we celebrate how he lived. In 1972 we were kids at the airport waiting for my grandmother’s flight. We were shocked and surprised when we saw Muhammad Ali striding through Midway Airport. We followed him to the pay phones and he made a call. We asked him if we could take his picture and he said yes. We weren’t savvy enough to get on the phone next to him we were simply starstruck but he was gracious to us and I will always remember that moment. Celebrities now simply tolerate their fans. They see fans as a means to a paycheck but Ali liked people and that made his special to the people. He was a man of principles even when those principles cost him dearly. He exuded confidence that gave him the ability to light up an arena. In his prime his words were lyrical and his boxing prowess was magical. He said it “he was the greatest”, and today we confirm his self assessment.

Trump tells crowd to “look at my African-American”…why are there so few?

Headline question is rhetorical. I know the answer. share your thoughts.


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