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At what point do we stop laughing at Katt Williams?

The latest clip burning up the Internet is Katt Williams fighting a middle school student. Sadly the middle school student gets the better of grown man Williams but the real issue is wha is wrong with Williams. he has always been eractic but now he just seems like a sad, pathetic clown. He needs help not chuckles and hopefully there is someone in his life that will be able to recognize the real tears of this clown.

Is this what Donald Trump really thinks about women? Yes!

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Are we a nation of haters?

We watch Donald Trump say all manner of things. He insults POWs, women, handicapped people, minority groups, the media, you name it, but is he anything different from other Americans? Go on Twitter and make a comment and you can receive responses that go from mildly insulting to depraved. People are seemingly emboldened by the anonymity and free to go to the lowest levels. Watch the news shows and see the guest speak over each other and call each other names. Watch the so-called unbiased news people communicate their views via an eye roll or the look of the incredulous. There is a Bible story where God is looking for just one good man and as we watch this season we yearn for that one good man or woman and we are seemingly crying in the wilderness. We are left to ask are we getting what we deserve. Is this the result of living in a society that sanctions anything and admonishes nothing? Is Donald Trump an oddity or is he an every man with a microphone? If we vilify him are we forced to also look at our own interactions? I am not fan of The Donald and I would never cast a vote for him but would he thrive if we refused to tolerate him, and did we laugh at his antics initially? Trump is an issue, but I challenge everyone to look at the comments you make online or the way you interact with the people in your circle and just see what you are saying.

Can anything stop Donald Trump?

Can The Donald be stopped? Last night we saw protesters and Trump supporters come to blows. Is Donald Trump responsible for the violence? No he is not directly responsible but his irresponsible rhetoric helped to create a hostile environment. Trump was peddling birther conspiracy theories in 2011 and many networks most notable NBC gave him the microphone and the podium. The Republicans turned their heads. Last night Trump took he circus to Chicago. He is taking his message to an urban area and he found out it is different in the city. Holding rallies at airplane hangers is a safe space for his toxic message, but when you take your message to a place that has a bus route you run the risk of running into some of the people you routinely vilify and that is what happened last night. Trump took his message to the street and the street responded. It was not pretty and Trump is not the only one with dirty hands. Too many people have been silent for too long. Last night was sad but what will be sadder is if Trump actually becomes the nominee.

Dr. Ben Carson to endorse Donald Trump…is the brain surgeon now brain dead?

Really Dr. Carson you are going to support Donald Trump? Trump the man that mocked you and called you pathological? Why would you want to support him. Isn’t Ted Cruz the more logical pairing? Carson could forgive Trump but not Cruz. So the noted brain surgeon is throwing his support behind the tough talking New Yorker? Can we say Surgeon General? Share your thoughts.

Flying while Brawling…Woman Refuses to lower volume of boombox…are we getting meaner?

Are Americans getting meaner? Share your thoughts.

Are you surprised to see Nancy Reagan on the cover of People magazine?

People magazine has become so youth obsessed that I was surprised to see Nancy Reagan on this week’s cover. This magazine seems to have a cut off age of 40 for the cover. We have lost a number of noted seniors and they do well to get one of the small boxes on the side but rarely the cover. I’m happy they decided to have the former First lady on the cover but the photo is also an interesting choice. It’s like going to the funeral of a 90 year old and the picture on the obituary is of her 40 year old self. That’s what People did but youth sells.

CBS This Morning Refuses to take Trump’s Call

Donald Trump has been allowed to call into all the morning news shows except CBS This Morning. When he calls in he dominates the conversation and frequently talks over the interviewer, but they let him do it. Kudos to CBS for just saying no. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Hey Bernie, how are you going to pay for the free stuff?

bernie picpocket
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SNL Voters for Trump

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