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Is Bill Cosby innocent until proven guilty?

Watching Bill Cosby’s perp walk was truly a sad sight. This is a man who has had a complicated relationship with the black community. On the one hand he gave generously to the education of millions of black students, but he was often critical of the lifestyle of urban America. He was simultaneously loved and reviled by the community, but now we are dealing with disquieting aspects of his life and that has led to taking sides. Over 50 women have said that he assaulted them. These claims go over a 40 year period. In America people are innocent until proven guilty except Cosby? Over the past few days his attorney Monique Pressley has been doing interviews in defense of her client and people are trashing her. Isn’t he entitled to a defense or should he just be sent to jail for the rest of his life? These allegations are ugly and if found guilty Cosby will be punished, but he is an American and he deserves an advocate who is there to defend him.

Aretha Franklin’s Drop the “Mink” Moment at the Kennedy Center Honors

She is the Queen.

#NoJusticeNoLebron…should the superstar take a seat?

Activists are calling for Lebron James to sit out until there is justice for Tamir Rice. What do you think?

Are the Obamas getting a little too thirsty?

The President recently appeared on reality television and Mrs. Obama is a frequent guest on shows like Ellen? Are they spreading themselves a little thin? Are they starting to appear thirsty? Share your thoughts.

Ted Cruz’ daughters are off limits, but he needs to keep them off commercials

When I heard the Washington Post had published a cartoon depicting Ted Cruz; daughters as monkeys I thought it was completely out of line, and then I saw the commercial. Politicians should not use their children to deliver political barbs towards their opponents. Don’t put your children in the line of fire.

Steve Harvey’s Big Mistake is No Big Deal

We all make mistakes, but when you ar famous you make them on a bigger stage. Steve Harvey made a mistake and he owned it. Let’s move on.

We should not be afraid of Donald Trump, We should be Afraid of His Supporters

It is unlikely that you will ever meet Donald Trump, but one of his supporters might be sharing a cubicle with you. Trump has shown us that he is willing to say anything. If it keeps him in the news he will say it. So the outrageous has become commonplace, but when I see people aligning with him and saying that he is saying what they are thinking. That is more scary than he could ever be.

NBC The Wiz was Amazing!

the wiz
The Wiz was outstanding. We needed a little escapism and this production provided it. All of the actors absolutely “put their foot in it.” It was beautiful and heartfelt. Loved it!

Workplace Rage? No, this was Terrorism, but what are we going to do about it?

We are vulnerable. We live in a free society and with that comes peril. Yesterday, we saw a man and his wife kill 14 people and wound 21. The killers were killed in a shootout with the police. People you know it and I know it this was terrorism. So what do we do about it? We’ve got to go to work, school, church, but how do we stay safe. Some newspapers are saying prayer is not the answer but as believers we can not abandon prayer. We have to do more. Any ideas?

Is Tom Joyner being forced to retire?

News outlets are reporting that Tom Joyner is being forced out of his job next year. The time coincides with President Obama’s exit from the White House. Joyner is 65 years old and he has had an incredible run. If the report is true he will be missed, but what is happening to Joyner happens to people everyday. Advertisers covet young people and they think that a younger host might be more relevant to that age group. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.



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