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Was CBS Survivor irresponsible for casting Brandon Hantz?

I watch Survivor and last night will go down as a pivotal episode. Brandon Hantz, nephew of Survivor villian Russell had the meltdowns of meltdowns. He was so off the hook that an emergency tribal council was had to dispense with him quickly, but my question is didn’t the producers of the show know this guy was crazy from the jump? Yes they knew because he was on before and he did not go out like this but he showed he was not dealing with a full deck, but this kind of behavior makes good tv. No it doesn’t it makes the viewer uncomfortable. Viewers like drama but mental illness is not entertainment and last night that’s what we saw and that might bring in ratings but it is irresponsible to have a guy battling demons and forcing his castmates to watch. If you watched the show share your thoughts.

Survivor One World is Being Run by Spoiled Brat: Colton

I have watched Survivor for years and last night was the first time that a team that had won immunity elected to go to tribal council. For those of you who don’t watch the show here is a little game guide. There are two teams and they compete to win a task. If your team wins than your team stays in tact. If your team loses you have to vote out a tribe member. Last night the men won, but the team self-appointed leader Colton wanted to get one of the members out because he simply did not like him. Colton is openly gay and totally southern. Last week Colton referred to Bill, the guy that voted out last night as “ghetto trash”. Bill is black and he is a struggling stand up comic. Colton says he should get a real job. Colton said he would not associate with anyone like him in real life and he would not associate with him on the island. Survivor also has its first little person, Leif participating. Colton called him an “oopa loopa”, and said he should go back to Oz. Anyway Colton is running the show. At tribal council the subject of race was discussed and Bill challenged Colton, but Colton said this was not a race issue he just did not like bill and then came the statement of the night. Colton said he did have African American people in his life. Jeff Probst asked him who and Colton said his “housekeeper”, he then said she was like “one of the family.” My advice to Colton after last night is don’t eat the chocolate pie. My last statement is it is so ironic that the gay guy is slinging all the insults. I shutter to think if someone on the show was throwing verbal insults at Colton regarding his sexuality the show would be accused of allowing homophobic remarks to go unchallenged and some group would have started a petition by now, but Colton is allowed to hurl insults at minorities with a smile on his face.
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Why can’t a Black Woman Survive on CBS Survivor?

A sister does not have a chance on Survivor. They are doomed from the time they step off the boat. For some reason they simply don’t know when to simply stop talking. This is the second cycle in a row that a sister was the first to go to Redemption Island. Why does this happen? In both cases they simply talked their way out of the game. Tonight we saw Semhar attempt to score points shooting basketballs which were actually coconuts. She simply did not get enough in the basket. In most cases she might have been given a pass for simply stepping up and trying, but they sent her on her way. Keep in mind one of the other contestants had a total breakdown complete with fits of tears, and one male contestant is uncoordinated and has no physical strength, and neither of them received a single vote, but the black woman that tried is simply dismissed. She tried to turn the tide, but with every word uttered you could see her castmates say “oh no we’ve got an angry one and she has got to go”. I guess at some point black women will learn it is not worth it because you might spend one night with the tribe, and that simply is not worth the trip.

CBS Survivor Phil is Crazy and I am not calling him the N-word

I watch the CBS reality show Survivor and this cycle they have one black man and his name is Phil. He has been crazy from Day One. He constantly reminds people that he is a special agent aand he can read people. He wears feathers on his head and he tells endless insane stories, but tonight he really took his crazy to a whole new level. He got into an argument with one of his tribe mates and he accused the tribe member of dismissing him because he was black. Phil admitted in his mind when some white people call a black person crazy they are actually calling them a n-word,  Phil dropped the n-word a few times during his non sensical tirade. the entire tribe was shocked that Phil had taken an issue like rice and turned it into a racial war. Watching him was uncomfortable, but at tribal council Phil explained how he his father was called “boy” and that is the way he felt when the tribe member called him crazy. Do you follow this line of logic? The tribe member Steve a former NFL member was stunned by the allegation that he was a racist. So is this a case of perception trumping reality or do you see the point Phil was attempting to make? Tell me what you think.

Please Tell me Where did CBS Survivor Finda NaOnka?

We all know reality television has nothing to do with reality. The loudest in the crowd tend to get more air time. This brings me to the latest cartoon like character–NaOnka. She is a contestant on the CBS show Survivor. Last night she and another candidate were fighting and I mean real tousling over a clue to a hidden immunity idol. The person she was battling with has one leg and that is not the issue. The contestant with the prothesis is a viable and formidable contestant, but NaOnka’s speech after retrieving the clue was over the top. She said she didn’t care if she had one leg, she threatened to hide it or even burn it. NaOnka said she didn’t go “ghetto” on the girl she went “hood” on her.  To say it was not enough. NaOnka had to do an imitation of both for the audience. Where do they find these people? Does the producer go out scouting them? Survivor is infamous for finding these polarizing stereotypes and it just seems a tad bit contrived to me.