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Why did CBS News show a live Syrian execution?

Tonight CBS news showed a live execution that took place in Syria. No warning just bodies being riddled with bullets. Why would they choose to do this? Do we need to see this as a way of convincing us that US intervention is necessary? What do you say if children were in the room? This was not a responisble move. It was cruel and insensitive. Share yur thoughts.

Shame on you CBS News

I’m sitting here watching the news with my husband and Scott Pelley of CBS News announces the story of a homeless man that was beaten to death by the police. He says the photos are hard to watch. They then show the beating captured on videotape. I had seen this tape before, but then they showed a gruesome post-mortem photo that his father took. It was absolutely gruesome and unsuitable for family hour.It was shock value move. Shame on you CBS.

Homeless students find hope in their principal

This week the news has focused on the shortcomings (pun intended) of Congressman Anthony Weiner. It is a sad depressing story, but there are good things happening, and last night CBS highlighted a school and a prinicipal who is truly helping the students in and out of the class room. “Sherrie Gahn, the principal of a Las Vegas school where nearly 85 percent of the children are homeless, is improving the lives of her students and their families through a donation program she created, reports Byron Pitts.”
Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7369551n&tag=cbsnewsTwoColUpperPromoArea#ixzz1OsYKS4wi

CBS Bob Schieffer Says Trump is Peddling Racism

CBS veteran reporter Bob Schieffer is a southern gentleman who has lived through the era of segregation. On yesterday’s CBS News broadcast he accused Donald Trump of “peddling racism”.  This was a pivotal momemt. Far too often when black people call out racism it is dismissed. Some say oh you are too sensitive, but it is encouraging to see veteran journalists like Schieffer take a stand and call this lunancy what it really is.


60 Minutes “Gospel for Teens” Segment highlights something good in the neighborhood

Everyday we see stories of black on black crime. We yearn to see positive black teens doing great things. Tonight 60 Minutes did a segment on a teen gospel group out of Harlem, NY. The group founder is Vy Higginsen. Follow the link to an uplifting story that will touch your heart.


NBC employee fired for releasing Couric & Gumbel funny Internet video

This clip was filmed in 1994. today then anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel are discussing the Internet. It was a new animal at the time and now their conversation is humorous, but not to NBC brass. The employee who unearthed this treasure and released it to the public has been fired.  In a statement, NBC confirmed it fired the employee responsible for first distributing the footage. “The individual in question violated the company’s standards of conduct by repeatedly copying and distributing a variety of materials without permission,” the statement said.

Katie Couric Mocks Candidate Sarah Palin in 2008…does this prove anything?

This raw footage shows CBS anchor Katie Couric taking some shots at then candidate Sarah Palin. This footage was prior to the infamous Couric/Palin interview. Does it prove Couric had a bias or is it much ado about nothing? Tell me what you think.

Super Bowl 44 Did Not Disappoint

First of all while I am a fan of President Obama I do not want to hear him discussing policy of the day of the big game. Each network that host the Super Bowl uses it as an opportunity to hype all of their shows, and this was an opportunity for CBS to showcase Katie Couric at our expense.  It is fine to interview the commander and chief but keep it light we came to have fun. The interview with Plaxico Burress was also somber but it was relevant. Burress was a participant in the Super Bowl two years ago and now he is a prison inmate so it was interesting to see him go from a celebrated athlete to a repentant prisoner. CBS Jim Brown also did a piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. When we listen to the New Orleans Cinderella story we would think the entire city has experienced a rebirth, but that is simply not true and I was glad to see the piece on the residents of the 9th Ward. That section of the city looks like Katrina was yesterday. So it was a good move to give them opportunity to talk about that part of the city and not just the remodeled Dome.  All of these was important moments but it was a great game and I was happy to see the Saints win. So now they can say “Who Dat? Won That!”

Is Sarah Palin Going Rogue or Just Going Crazy?

 Sarah Palin gave Katie Couric the interview during the campaign because Katie Couric had “low self-esteem”? This is one of the claims Palin makes in her book. Palin contends “McCain campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace pushed for the now-famous Katie Couric interview because the CBS anchor needed a self-esteem “boost”. Katie Couric is a household name. We knew Couric before we met the moose eating messenger from Alaska. So the idea that Palin could provide Couric with a self esteem boost is ludicrous. During that now infamous interview Couric asked Palin what magazines did she read. Palin was unable to answer that question. Most of us non vice-presidential candidates could rattle off at least 3 to 5 magazines that we read but this question left Palin with a deer in the headlight look on her face. This interview was important to Palin, but what it di d was show the country that this woman did not possess the depth necessary to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Now a year later she is attempting to rewrite history and in doing so she is not only insulting Couric but she has thrown the entire McCain campaign staff under the bus too. The irony is we knew last year she was not ready when the McCainites told us she was and now they are getting stung by the kind of zingers she hurled at President Obama. What a difference a year makes.

Michael Vick appears on 60 Minutes As the Apology Tour Continues

Tonight Michael Vick was interviewed by James Brown of CBS Sports.  What is becoming more apparent is there really is nothing Vick can say to satisfy his critics. For the rest of the football season he will be asked the same questions and he better not flinch when he answers.  The other thing that I have learned is if you say Vick has served his time now let him work you too are also accused of sanctioning his acts of cruelty. So when Brown sat down with Vick one had to wonder would he simply ask questions or would it be another opportunity to see if Vick was truly remorseful or was his remorse generated by the need for money? Brown immediately questioned whether Vick was sorry about the loss of his career or what he did to the animals?Vick claimed he was more sorry about what he did to the animals. Even Brown had to do a follow up on this one. Vick lost a $135 million dollar contract plus a lucrative endorsement with Nike. So when he said he cried many nights in prison we can logically conclude some of those tears were for the loss of income. Vick has apologized for his actions and promised to work with the Humane Society as they tour schools educating children on the care of animals. Brown asked whether he was speaking from his heart or were we hearing Team Vick. Team Vick is comprised of lawyers, image consultants and agents. Vick assured him that he was conveying the sentiments of his heart. I hope that is true, but I am glad he now has a Team Vick. If he had received good counsel years ago instead of surrounding himself with a posse of adoring yes men he might never have gotten himself into this situation.