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CBS Introduces their New Morning Team…What happened to the old one?

Sunday I watched a lot of football and I kept seeing a commercial touting the new CBS morning team. They called them the new family, but what happened to the old family? Oh they were kicked to the curve in favor of this newer, brighter, shinier model. Maybe they should can the family lingo and call it what it is…an attempt to rescue a ship that has sunk, and they have rid themselves of the Harry Smiths of the world and replaced them with this new crew. The ironic part is the NBC Today Show has been Number One years and their crew is in their mid fifties. Maybe CBS might want to poll people who actually watch morning television before they make the latest crew walk the plank.

Why Does the Media Love Levi Johnston?

Levi Johnston is everywhere. This world famous “baby daddy” appeared the CBS Morning Show yesterday claiming Sarah Palin had refered to her child as “the retarded boy”.  This evening he was on Entertainment Tonight talking about how Palin’s initial reaction to news of her daughter’s pregnancay was “that this is going to hurt her politically.” Johnston claimed to have more juicy nuggets that he will share tomorrow night including the state of Sarah Palin’s marriage.  On Morning Joe today Joe Scarborough said the media listens to this guy because they want to bring Palin down. After today I think I might agree with Joe. Why would Johnston be on Entertainment Tonight? He is not a star. He has no talent, he  is quite simply an angry young man who has outlived his 15 minutes of fame, but the media keep giving him a platform. What he says might be true, but it is none of our business. Imagine if you had a “baby daddy” under your roof, and he went and repeated everything you said. How would you feel? Betrayed is the word and that is what Johnston is doing to the Palins, and sadly the media keep giving him the means to do it.