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RHOA gets way too Real…Apollo Nida facing felony charges

We laugh at the antics of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the other franchises, but do they pressure the participants to appear wealthy? Apollo Nida is facing a laundry list of felony charges and he is not the first in the franchises to face similar charges. Share your thoughts.

Why was Gabourey Sidibe told to get out of acting by Joan Kusak?

Last night Gabourey Sidibe appeared on Bravo and was asked by Andy Cohen what celebrity had she met that she was disappointed after meeting. Sidibe said Joan Kusak because when she told Kusak that she was an actress Kusak advised her to get out of the business. Kusak said that Hollywood was too “image conscious”. If you have seen Kusak it suffices to say she is no Halle Berry, but she has managed to achieve a modicum of success so why would she attempt to discourage another unconventional actress? After the success of Precious I wondered what kinds of roles would Sidibe find, but she has managed to find other roles so in spite of being advised by Kusak to quit before she even got the part in Precious, Sidibe has managed to defy conventional wisdom. It is just sad that one woman would decide it was her role to crush the dreams of another one. http://www.bravotv.com/video/share/18327634

Atlanta Real Housewife NeNe leakes says “white is right”…yes this is 2012

If you are over the age of 30 you might have heard the following statement “white is right, if you are brown stick around and if you are black get back”. In 2009 Rev. James Lowrey said this at the Obama inauguration, but he is 90 years old. It’s something that was often said back in the day, but seldom uttered in this century. That’s why it was surprising to hear NeNe Leakes say “white is right” tonight. She said this because she is currently dating a white guy, but the irony of this episode is her black son had just been released from jail and her soon to be ex black husband was trying to impart some wisdom and motivate the son. She even complimented her soon to be ex in a sideline interview, but she had no problem repeating the aged refrain. It’s 2012 and we are still repeating the sad statements made by our oppressed ancestors. It’s time to wake up.

Kathy Griffin Calls Sen. Scott Brown’s Daughters Prostitutes…When Did This become comedy?

Kathy Grffin called Senator Brown’s daughters prostitutes. Griffin is known for her raw and often rude comedy. You almost expect this from her, but there is no excuse for CNN Dana Bash to be laughing at Griffin’s rude comments. John King is also present with a smirk on his face. Brown said “People can call me any name they want, but families are off limits,” Brown said. “I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna very much, and any parent would be proud to have them as children. Kathy Griffin and Bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves.” The sad thing is neither Griffin or Bravo are ashamed as a matter of fact they are probably thrilled. They subscribe to the theory that nothing is off limits and any press is good press, and they are getting plenty of it.

Is NBC’s Biggest Loser just a Big Fat Lie?

I have watched several seasons of the NBC hit show The Biggest Loser and it is amazing to see the transformation of the contestants. The last winner weighed 526 pounds when he started the show and he had lost half of his body weight by the end of the cycle. They are constantly exercising and they learn to eat well but I just could not see how they could achieve these results that quickly. Now a former finalist is speaking out. Kai Hibbard claims some unhealthly options were used to expedite the weight loss. “The weight loss for that show is for ratings. People have to remember that ‘The Biggest Loser’ isn’t a weight-loss camp that happens to be filmed for TV. It’s a TV show that’s made to look like a weight-loss camp. So there was pressure from production and everybody involved in the show to make sure you had as big of numbers as possible every week.” Hibbard went on to say “I found myself loathing what I looked like the more weight I dropped because of the pressure on me. And I found myself doing things like considering coffee a meal. And because of the mentality that I was surrounded with, and the pressure that was given at that show, it was considered acceptable to behave that way,” she added. “I take full responsibility for everything that I’ve done. But you can’t understand it unless you understand the pressure that was there,” she continued. A couple of a seasons ago a contestant accused Jillian Michaels of giving her team a diet aide to help them lose weight. The allegations were investigated and nothing was found, but although we sit at home and marvel at the results of the contestants we all wondered whether they were doing a little something something and this story just confirms the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true it’s probably not true.


Real Life Housewife, Teresa Giudice’s, Financial Mess Impacts More Than her Family


First, let me admit I do watch reality television and I also admit I watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey. This show was a mindless, harmless diversion until it wasn’t. People Magazine has cast member, Teresa Giudice on the cover acknowledging that she and her husband have amassed debt totaling $11 million dollars.  They are now seeking bankruptcy protection. All of this would not be worthy of commenting if their imprudent spending only effected them and their family. The first question I would ask is how did the creditors allow this to happen? She had unpaid bills at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale totaling in the thousands? How many times have you been only a few days late paying a bill and the store slaps on a late penalty and back in the day you might be receiving a threatening call demanding the payment? How many unemployed people have tried to work out deals with their creditors and been denied, but these people are allowed to just keep spending until they run to bankruptcy for cover. Her husband, Joe Giudice said “if we lived in the inner city and didn’t have a big house, we wouldn’t be on the show.” He’s right, but what he fails to acknowledge is that part of their “wealth ” was amassed on the backs of people who dwell in the inner city. Giudice owns apartments in inner city New Jersey and on some occasions his tenants have gone without heat and water, but don’t worry about them. Giudice said, “maybe that would happen, but they never went a whole night without heat or anything. They’re exaggerating.”* Their attitude would make Marie Antoinette blush. The peasants want bread let them eat cake. At this point they are still in their million dollar mansion and they now can re-group and start spending again because they are committed to the fantasy and, nothing including bankruptcy will not stand in the way of that.

*People Magazine