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Porsha Williams, RHOA has been charged with assault

Reality television is simply scripted television performed by amateurs. Most of the time it is harmless, but when Porsha Williams charged Kenya Moore on the RHOA reunion show it got a little bit too real, and now the real world has become involved. Williams has been charged with assault, but what has Bravo Television been charged with? Read the linked story for the details and share your thoughts.


Brandi Grandville of the Housewives of BH defends her racist comment

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Real Housewife NeNe Leakes says she’s rich…could this really be true?

This morning let’s lighten up for a minute. As I have stated before I do watch my share of reality television, and one of my favorites is The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It is interesting to watch these women as they waltz through their make believe “reel lives”. They always provide a chuckle, but sometimes they do shock you by the things they say. On Sunday night NeNe Leakes formerly of Celebrity Apprentice proclaimed that she was rich, she loudly stated that she was depositing “Trump checks”. The question is what is rich? What is your definition of rich?


Bravo TV to do Russell Armstrong Suicide Special…they will literally do anything for ratings

Russell Armstrong committed suicide two weeks ago. He and his wife Taylor were castmates on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He had been rumored to have had money problems and marital problems that some say the televsion show used to their advantage. So now comes word that Bravo has decided to do a show that addresses the suicide. Really? This is simply beyond bad taste. This borders on dancing on the man’s grave. Can they simply get one more rating point from a dead man. Bravo took a lot of criticism from Armstrong’s family members and friends regarding the role the show played in his suicide. We will will never know why Armstrong took his life, but Bravo must feel like they have blood on their hands because besides ratings they might garner this is an attempt to clean their grimy paws.

Why did Real Housewives Husband Russell Armstrong Hang Himself?

The Bravo televison show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a true display of excess. Russell and Taylor Armstrong were two of the stars. We saw Taylor give her 5 year old daughter a birthday party and spend the kind of money people spend on a wedding, but they gave us the impression they were rich, and the rich are different. When Russell Armstrong hung himself we found out that he had serious financial problems, but he and his wife willingly promoted the fantasy. The fantasy is over. Yes, there will be more Housewives spending like there is no tomorrow, but they are simply playing a role for the audience, but what happens when the cameras are off? The Real Housewives and their spouses have to deal with reality and frankly reality is hard.

Good News, The Real Housewives of DC Cancelled

The Real Housewives of DC is cancelled and I say Amen. This is a show that never should have seen the light of day. The infamous publicity hungry Salahis crashed the first state dinner of the Obama administration. Their antics lead to the dismissal of the White House social Secretary Desiree Rogers. Bravo knew they had crashed the State dinner and used some of the footage in the show. I wrote several posts urging viewers to boycott the show. Low ratings and lack of viewer interest led to the show’s demise. Bravo TV has several Housewives series and the DC version is the first one to be cancelled after one season.


What is Nene Leakes beef with Star Jones?

Nene Leakes and Star Jones will both be on  NBC show Celebrity Apprentice scheduled for March of this year. Over the last few weeks Nene Leakes, whose claim to fame is being on the Bravo show Real Housewives of Atlanta has appeared on various talks shows badmouthing Star Jones. On the Wendy Williams Show, Leakes said she “would not spit on Star Jones if she was on fire.” Finally, Jones has had enough of this foolishness and she has released the following statement,”I did Celebrity Apprentice to raise money and awareness for a charity [the American Heart Association] that has been instrumental in my life, not to see it reduced to a cliché where black women attack one another for publicity’s sake…I haven’t commented on any of her comments in hopes that she would remember that we all participated in this show for charity and not as a vehicle to promote ourselves and such hatred. I was clearly wrong and I decided to finally respond.” You go Star, you are trying to take the high road and unfortunately that is a foreign path for the ultimate wannabee Nene Leakes.

Are Angry Black Men Cooking Up Trouble on Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef?

Over the past few weeks I have been watching Bravo’s Top Chef and Fox Network’s Hell’s Kitchen. I watched as similar themes have been played out. Both shows feature chefs vying to be named the best chef. This season two big black guys were chosen to participate on the shows. Kenny is the scary black guy on Top Chef and Jason was the scary black guy on Hell’s Kitchen. Both shows have the contestants cook various dishes that are rated by a panel of judges and in some cases a panel of their peers. If you have ever watched Hell’s Kitchen you know the ringmaster is Chef Ramsey. Ramsey is loud, often profane and if anyone could be classified as scary it would be him, but his antics are excused because he is a “genius” in the culinary world, but when black Jason had a blow up his fellow contestants feign fear. One contestant told him he did not see him as a chef but that he thought he should probably be a “barbeque cook.” On Top Chef the contestants have said they feel intimidated by Kenny. Kenny is a big brother and he can really cook. His contestants have said they are intimidated by him. Not by his cooking skills but by him. He is not the kind of guy who is always grinning he is serious about winning. He is pleasant but he is not there to entertain. Both Jason and Kenny are passionate about what they do, and sometimes that passion is misinterpreted as anger. They are not angry they are simply driven and cooking shows are no different from the real world too often our passion is used against us.

Kathy Griffin Calls Sen. Scott Brown’s Daughters Prostitutes…When Did This become comedy?

Kathy Grffin called Senator Brown’s daughters prostitutes. Griffin is known for her raw and often rude comedy. You almost expect this from her, but there is no excuse for CNN Dana Bash to be laughing at Griffin’s rude comments. John King is also present with a smirk on his face. Brown said “People can call me any name they want, but families are off limits,” Brown said. “I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna very much, and any parent would be proud to have them as children. Kathy Griffin and Bravo ought to be ashamed of themselves.” The sad thing is neither Griffin or Bravo are ashamed as a matter of fact they are probably thrilled. They subscribe to the theory that nothing is off limits and any press is good press, and they are getting plenty of it.

Boycott the Real Housewives of DC-Air Date August 5th Bravo TV

This is a repost of a post published in March of this year at the time Bravo had not announced the final lineup for this cycle of the Housewives. It is now official the gate-crashing Salahis will be showcased. Their bad behavior bordered on the criminal. I will not reward their antics by watching and I hope others will follow. White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers lost her job over this debacle. Pass the word.

Bravo TV has made alot of money off the Real Housewives franchise, and I have enjoyed watching the antics of the ladies from New York, New Jersey and most of all Atlanta, but I will not be watching the ladies of DC. I find it very disturbing that the White House gate crashing Salahis will be featured in this series. The Salahis breached security and had unauthorized contact with the President of the United States and footage from their escapade will be included in the series. The Salahis have been dismissed as mere social climbers, but would the response to the breech have been as casual if this had been George W. Bush? I don’t know, but I do know they got their wish a featured slot on the wanna be express, and I  find nothing comical or charming about what they did, and I will not be watching this show and hope the majority follows suit.