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Do you really want a Gender Neutral world?

Target has changed its signage to reflect this brand new world. Toys will no longer be separated by gender. No boy toys or girl toys now it will just be toys. What’s next clothes? No more blue or pink just yellow. What is wrong with gender specific? Share your thoughts.

What’s so bad about a boy who wants to wear a dress?

Camp Variant allows children to explore all facets of their personalities. If a boy wants to wear a dress it is alright. Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Why would Hasanhii Garrett, 14 beat his grandmother with a hammer?

Hasanhii Garrett of  Baltimore,MD was getting ready for school Thursday and he was angry with his grandmother who is raising him. When she went back to sleep he beat her severely with a hammer. When initially questioned he claimed he found her that way. He has been charged as an adult, but is this the correct thing to do? Look at him. I am not trying to excuse him for his act, but look at him will this boy make it through the system? Tell me what you think.