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Has the Obama Administration become intolerant of Traditional Christian Beliefs?

Pastor Louie Giglio had been asked to give the inauguration benediction, but yesterday he withdrew his name. He did this because he has taught against homosexuality and in this political climate that is a no no. Is being gay friendly and gay accepting a pre-requisite for doing anything at President Obama’s Inauguration? It looks like the answer is yes. President Obama has evolved on the issue of gay marriage and it seems that his evolution should have been adopted by all of his supporters. “Family Research Council President Tony Perkins pointed out that Obama shouldn’t have been surprised in the first place that an evangelical pastor held a biblical view on homosexuality. “This is another example of intolerance from the Obama administration toward those who hold to biblical views on sexuality,” he said in response to Giglio’s withdrawal. “Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, and Orthodox churches all actively proclaim that sexual intimacy within the marriage of one man and one woman is the only biblically-sanctioned human sexual behavior. Are the scores of millions of Americans who affirm these teachings no longer welcome at the inauguration of our president?” The Presidential Inaugural Committee said one of the biggest reasons they asked Giglio to deliver the benediction was because of his leadership in combating human trafficking. Giglio has raised awareness and millions of dollars during Passion conferences to combat modern-day slavery. But his record on compassion was brushed off over a mid-1990s sermon, Perkins lamented. “What is shocking is the intolerance of the Obama team that put such a high priority on forced acceptance of homosexuality that they totally disregard Pastor Giglio’s life work combating human trafficking,” the FRC head commented. “What we are seeing is the inauguration of a new era of religious intolerance in America.”* The Inauguration committee also invited Richard Blanco a gay poet to participate in the ceremony and that announcement was greeted with cheers, but in spite of the work that Giglio has done on human trafficking he is given the gentle nudge off the stage. Is our new tolerance actually a new intolerance? Share your thoughts.



Kirk Cameron Stands His Ground on the Today Show

Kirk Cameron is a born again Christian. he makes no apologies for his beliefs. Most people know where he stands on homosexuality. he believes it is unnatural and wrong. A few weeks ago he appeared on CNN Piers Morgan’s show and he was asked about his beliefs and he repeated his long held beleifs. Morgan got the response that he wanted and it created a mini-firestorm. This morning Ann Curry interviewed him on the Today Show and asked why does he say these things when he knows they will upset some people. He says these because he believes them. Cameron is not advocating violence towards gays, but he does have a right as an American to speak his mind. Some in the gay community compare their struggle to the civil rights movement. There were people who were against the civil rights laws passed in the 60s, and they were verbal with their dislike, but the laws still passed and they had to be enforced. Gay legislation is passing in this country now and if it is law it has to be enforced, but that does not mean everybody is going to like it and some will continue to fight against it, and as Americans that is their right. So like it or not Kirk Cameron does have a right to speak especially when someone asks him a question.