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BET founder Bob Johnson appears on O’Reilly Factor and actually makes sense

When I first saw that Bob Johnson was discussing President Obama with Bill O’Reilly I must say I expected some Obama bashing, but I was pleasantly surprised by his comments and I must say I agree with him on some them. He points out the fact that unemployment in the black community is 14% and this country would not tolerate white unemployment at that rate. Compare that to white unemployment is 7%. Why aren’t black people calling for the presidnet’s head on a platter? They love him and they hope things will get better. O’Reilly attempted to bring the fact that there are fewer fathers in the black homes, but Johnson conceded that might be a factor, but it was not the only factor. Johnson made a number of other points worthy of discussion. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Robert Johnson, founder of BET questions the President’s leadership…is this strictly business or something personal?

Robert (Bob) Johnson, founder of BET was interviewed by CBS anchor Scott Pelley tonight. Johnson was a supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2008. Pelley was asking him questions regarding doing business in these troubled times. Johnson said business people are sitting on the sidelines because there is no leadership in the White House or Congress. he says the politicians should be content with one term if they are effectively working for the people, but since that is not happening business people are choosing to work with other people and other countries. So does Bob Johnson have a point? Tell me what you think.

New York Post did not know the Difference between Bob Johnson and John Johnson

Desiree Rogers was recently named the CEO of Johnson Publishing company. The company was founded in 1945 by the late John Johnson. Their publications include Ebony and Jet magazine. Yesterday the New York Post page 6 took a swipe at Rogers and criticized her for accepting a job from Bob Johnson the founder of Black Entertainment Television. Bob Johnson was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential race and a staunch critic of then candidate Barack Obama.  They called Rogers a hypocrite for taking the job from Bob Johnson. The only problem with the argument is they had their facts and their Johnsons wrong. Minimal fact checking could have caught this error, but why let the facts get in the way of a juicy Page Six story.

Barack Obama Has Won the Battle, but Now the Real War

On Tuesday night Barack Obama made history. Becoming the first person of color to lead a national political party is quite the accomplishment. This was a happy and emotional moment and it was worthy of celebration, but it is now history. We don’t want to spend too much time basking in the glow of victory. Billionaire Bob Johnson, Clinton supporter, asked the question this spring, did we just want Sen. Obama to be the nominee or did we want him to be the president? The answer is we want Sen. Obama to be the president. In order for this to happen we have got to start doing the real work. How many of your friends and relatives are not registered voters? If you answered one, that is one too many. You can register to vote by calling 1 866-MY-VOTE ( 1 866 698-6831).  We have got to go to the polls November 4th in record numbers. If you know someone who does not have a car or can’t drive take them to the polls. If you have a relative in the hospital or nursing home make sure they get an absentee ballot. This is the year to eliminate the excuses. Sen. Obama has defied the odds and conquered the dragon, but the Republicans are a different kind of adversary and Sen. Obama is going to need each of us to commit to making sure everyone in our circle is a registered voter, and once we get everyone in that circle we will need to enlarge our circle. This is not going to be easy but it can be done. A year ago no one would have believed he would be the nominee so the improbable is possible, but only if everyone does their part.


Nehimiah 4:6 So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.

Hillary’s Secret Weapon–Billionaire Bob Johnson Who Will Say Anything

A few months ago Geraldine Ferraro said that Sen. Obama was only where he was because he was black. Her contention was a white candidate with the Senator’s same resume would not be considered a viable candidate. This touched off a firestorm and Ms. Ferraro stepped down from her advisory role on the Clinton campaign.  So now Bob Johnson has decided it is his duty to pick up the banner and wave it proudly.  Mr. Johnson said, “What I believe Geraldine Ferraro meant is that if you take a freshman senator from Illinois called ‘Jerry Smith’ and he says I’m going to run for president, would he start off with 90% of the black vote?” Johnson went on to say “And the answer is, probably not.” The trouble with Mr. Johnson’s equation is it is wrong. First of all, Sen. Obama did not start out with 90% of the black vote. The fact is Hillary Clinton had the black vote at the beginning of the campaign. Black people yearned for the good old days of Bill Clinton and they saw Sen. Clinton as the second coming.  Most black people outside of Illinois did not know much about Sen. Obama. They knew he had given a rousing speech at the 2004 Democratic convention and that was about it.  He had to earn the votes of the black community. He talked to all people not just black people, so when someone like Bob Johnson tries to marginalize his efforts we have to state the facts. The fact is Mr. Johnson is a valuable Hillary surrogate and his job is to say things that the white surrogates can not say. Does she ask him to do this? Probably not but did the master ask the house slaves to tell him what the field slaves were planning? Probably not but it still brought a smile to his face.