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Ben Carson’s Urban Rap?

Do they really think this will get black votes?

Ben Carson and the Pyramids?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Celebrating Jenean Hampton’s Historic Victory

Didn’t hear a lot about this but it is noteworthy. Jenean Hampton is the first black person to win a statewide office in Kentucky. This is history and it should be acknowleged and celebrated.

Student threatens teacher with a desk…is this what is going on in the classroom?

Last week the nation was in shock when we watched a resource officer drag a South Carolina girl across the room. This morning a friend of mine sent me this clip. This is equally appalling. Share your thoughts.

Do we even need debates?

The GOP contenders are meeting today to discuss last week’s debates. They want more Republicans at the moderator table. They believe that the liberals control the microphones and they in fact control the agenda. Funny thing is the candidates both Democrats and Republicans don’t answer the questions anyway. They simply use the questions as an intro into their talking points. What do we actually learn from these televised events? Is it simply entertainment? Share your thoughts.

Should Raven Symone be fired from The View?

Thousands are clamoring for the firing of Raven Symone, but should she be fired? She has angered members of the black community by saying things like she would not hire a person with a ghetto name and her latest transgression was to say the South Carolina girl should have simply given up her phone and maybe things would have turned out differently. To quote her “two wrongs don’t make a right”. So she says things that are off the wall and politically incorrect. So should she lose her job for expressing an opinion many disagree with? No she has a right to an opinion and a right to verbalize it. What we have a right to do is not watch her. Share your thoughts.

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio is like Marlo and Prop Joe of The Wire

When i watched Jeb Bush try to take on marco Rubio I thought of this clip. Watch and share your thoughts.

What’s with all the Halle Berry hating?

Halle Berry is beautiful. She is an Oscar award-winning star but, she seems to be unlucky in love. That’s bad enough but over the past two days I have seen and heard a lot Halle hating. I even saw a headline that asked “What is wrong with her?” Why does there have to be something wrong with her? Maybe the real question is what’s wrong with them? Why is she in the wrong? It is sad to see this almost gleeful response to the end of a marriage or the attitude that she somehow deserves heartache.

Context..What context could explain a cop dragging a student across the room?

Student refuses to leave room. So officer decides to remove her. This is simply wrong. Nothing this girl could have said would justify this action. Share your thoughts.

Virgin Bride sparks outrage, but Louisville mom pimping daughters doesn’t…what’s going on?

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


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