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Bill Maher and Killer Mike a lethal and Dangerous Duel

Last night Bill Maher and his guest Killer Mike discussed the Baltimore riots and Killer Mike justified the burning of the CVS and the other unrest. He basically said the residents of the community felt no sense of ownership so they weren’t burning their own community because they really felt no sense of community. He also said that the CVS that was burned did not employ people within the community. Keep in mind that Killer Mike is a resident of Atlanta so I don’t know where he gets his facts from but i do know that his arguments don’t justify the fire or the riots. We have a right to protest wrongdoing but we don’t have a right or a justification for illegal activity and we have to say that. Maher and Killer Mike also took some shots at Bill O’Reilly. After listening to the exchange one is led to believe Killer was invited for comic relief.

Nike Law Enforcement Appreciation Day triggers boycott

Yesterday Nike offered 30% off merchandise to members of law enforcement. Some on Twitter were outraged. Many including Black Lives Matter felt in light of the Freddie Gray case and others this was a slap in the face, but is it fair to paint all police with the same brush? When we do this aren’t we doing what we claim the police do? Some are calling for a boycott. Read the linked article and share your thoughts.

Raven Symone not a fan of Harriet Tubman…does she just want attention?

She will probably get a permanent seat at The View table but is she simply there to share this kind of foolishness? Raven Symone says the darndest things but does she really believe them. Share your thoughts.

In Defense of Uppityism

Interesting article.

Michelle Obama talks race, but is talking about race racist?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Does Subway have to apologize for the comments of a rogue employee?

A nineteen year old employee, Sierra McCurdy, of Subway took to Twitter to express praise for the Hattisburg cop murderers. She was wearing her Subway uniform now people are talking Subway boycott, but it this fair? When a company has thousands of employees are they responsible for their comments? Share your thoughts.


Look who’s leaving all the black people…racist or ridiculous?

Should this cost the principal, Nancy Gordeuk her job or is this much adieu about nothing? Share your thoughts.

Michelle Obama tells Tuskegee Grads she has been called “baby mama”, but she called the president her “baby daddy”…which one of these is an insult?

Today First Lady Obama delivered the commencement address at Tuskegee and she shared with the grads some of the racial animous she has experienced. She shared how one cable network labeled her “baby mama” which is a perceived insult, but the first lady has referred to the president as her “baby daddy”. So which one of these references is an insult? Share your thoughts.

Baltimore a Dependent City with an Attitude

Last night I watched a BET special about the uprising in Baltimore. The crowd seemed unified around one issue and that was anger. They were angry at the mayor, the police, the church, any organized anything. We listened to alot of frustrated people. What we did not hear was responsibility. What has the community done to find themselves in their current state? That question was never asked or answered. There were questions about funding for programs, but who is going to fund them? The same government that was being railed against is the same government that will fund any program within that community. It is ironic to be dependent with an attitude, but that is the reality of Charm City.

Lander Braggs gives up full scholarship for fear of the Chicago streets

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


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