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Donald Trump, Mr. 2 Corinthians, has the audacity to question Hillary Clinton’s faith

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Creflo Dollar responds to critics…”you can’t stop me from dreaming”

Creflo Dollar say you can’t stop him from dreaming. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Why are Pastors committing suicide?

People of faith tend to believe their pastors are men of God, and sadly many believe that their pastors have all the answers, but they are human too. They have problems, challenges and sometimes they expereince a crisis of faith. Recently some pastors and PKs (preacher’s kids) have committed suicide. Ted Haggard who is no stranger to controversy offers his opinion in the linked article. Read it and share your thoughts.


Bishop Neil Ellis launches Global United Fellowship after split with Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship

Greensboro, N.C. (September 30, 2013) – From the Office of the Executive Secretary: Dr. James Woodson officially announced the birth of the Global United Fellowship. During the last week in August, by invitation only, pastors from around the nations flew into Nassau and joined Bishop Ellis for a time of prayer, discussion and deliberation that resulted in the formation of this new fellowship. Woodson states, “My attraction to this fellowship was due to the call of Bishop Neil C. Ellis whose anointing is sanctioned by God and his exemplary character is without question. In addition, I was drawn by the fellowship’s mission of unity in spirit, unity in prayer and unity in word.”Over the past few weeks, Global United Fellowship has grown to more than 80 local and international churches and fellowships. And on last week, Bishop Ellis was unanimously elected as the Presiding Bishop Designate by its members. With the rapid growth taking place, Bishop Ellis stated, “I want to make it unequivocally clear that Global United Fellowship is not another denomination. Our intent is to be inclusive and not divisive. G.U.F. is an international, interdenominational body of spiritual leaders, fellowships and congregations united to strategically plan, implement and execute transformative and generational change as well as expand the Kingdom of God to all the nations of the world.”
Global United Fellowship’s five-fold mission is to:Unite
Equip Enhance and strengthen marriages (especially marriages among clergy) Resurrect the dying discipline of prayer Build genuine fellowship in the Body of Christ across all denominations
A Service of Episcopal Institution and Inauguration will be held on Wednesday, November 6, 2013, in the Grand Ball Room at The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island with Archbishop J. Delano Ellis as Chief Celebrant. Con-Celebrants are Archbishop Alfred Owens and Presiding Bishop Kenneth Ulmer.
“Bishop Neil C. Ellis has not come to this place in a vacuum but after many years of faithful service, study and prayerful contemplation. He has called together a group of pastors to form yet another fellowship. The question arises, ‘Why, another fellowship? Why another movement? Why another organization?’ I’ve learned that God, throughout the history of man, always starts afresh with a tender heart and brighter understanding of his ways and wonders. The Church of Jesus Christ has evolved many times since its founder declared that he would ‘build his church’. The very word build suggests a continuum of structures and each new action adds another layer, floor and brick to the great ‘kingdom building’. And so, Bishop Ellis and the G.U.F. come from several Communions in Christ to form a latter day fellowship that resembles the ancient church but takes on its proper modernity. Until the whole world is reached and the Savior returns – there is always room for one more thought and one more move of God.” – Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Metropolitan, The Joint College of Bishops
Woodson, the Executive Secretary of G.U.F. stated, “The launch event is shaping up to be a major installation service that will attract more than 200 delegates from at least five different countries including: South Africa, Europe and Canada.” Bishop Walter Thomas, renowned teacher, preacher and Bible scholar said regarding his friend, “Bishop Neil C. Ellis is a leader well respected in the international community. It will be a tremendous blessing to the Body of Christ as he takes leadership of G.U.F. and guides them into Kingdom responsibility.”
Notable pastors from around the country are speaking out and endorsing Global United Fellowship. “Global United Fellowship is an end time manifestation of new wine in new wine skins. Bishop Neil Ellis brings a fresh anointing of creative leadership and spirit-filled discipleship development for such a time as this.” -Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, Presiding Bishop of Macedonia International Bible Fellowship. After serving four years as 3rd Presiding Bishop and seven years as the 2nd Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, Bishop Neil C. Ellis stated in his letter of resignation addressed to the International Presiding Bishop, “What an awesome journey and marvelous experience all of this has been. After much prayer and reflection, I officially tendered my resignation as the 2nd Presiding Bishop in The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International on August 19, 2013. Thank you for the opportunity to serve and for the support you have given to and confidence you (FGBCFI) have placed in me over the years.” Ellis also stated, “After more than 30 years in ministry and serving in the pastorate for 26 years, I have made many observations about the Body of Christ. Some of these observations have helped in bringing focused attention to what I regard to be the driving force behind the work that has been assigned to our hands through the Global United Fellowship.”

To learn more about the Global United Fellowship, please visit http://www.globalunitedfellowship.org.

About Bishop Neil C. Ellis
Bishop Ellis is the Pastor of Mount Tabor Church and is one of the fastest growing churches in The Bahamas with a membership of several thousand. Bishop Ellis was inducted onto the Martin Luther King’s Walk of Fame in Atlanta alongside Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Rosa Parks, Sidney Poitier, and Nelson Mandela. Bishop Ellis’ other honors include: Civil Society’s “Living Legend” in The Bahamas Award, the CMG (an award issued by Queen Elizabeth II), and many more. Ellis is married to Lady Patrice Ellis and they have two beautiful children, Renechea and Johnathan Ellis.

Creflo Dollar Wants to Shoot People Who Don’t Tithe

Malachi 3:8-Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me. But you say, Wherein have we robbed you? In tithes and offerings.

This is the scripture that is repeated in churches when talking about tithing. If you don’t you are branded a robber of God, but God is the ultimate judge not man. So when I saw this video I was disturbed that Creflo Dollar said if not for the blood he would favor uzis as a form of punishment to those who do not tithe. What is more disturbing is that people continue to listen to ministers that say things that are contrary to the Bible. If we are in fact under the blood as Dollar states then we would not harbor what if fantasies as he clearly articulates in the tape. I am sure he was trying to make a point regarding the importance of tithing but this is not the way. This is simply wrong.

An Amazing Thing Happened At Church Yesterday

Yesterday at church my pastor was praying for the individual needs of people. He asked if there was anyone in the church that was facing eviction. One woman came forward. The pastor then asked if anyone else was in this same situation, but no one else came forward. So he prayed for her and then he said if anyone wanted to give her anything to help her feel free to do it then. At that point people started walking toward her and giving her money.  At first she was receiving it in her hand and she was receving so much the ushers gave her an offering receptacle. As people were giving they were crying and the woman was overwhelmed with emotion.  This woman had an immediate need and we as a congregation helped her meet it. I don’t know if she was a member because there were no questions asked. She took a bold step of faith and her faith was rewarded. This is the kind of thing the church should be doing, but it rarely happens. It was a powerful and wonderful moment that I will never forget. I know many people will mock this, but I  don’t care it was a beautiful moment worth sharing.

Why Do We Refuse to Recognize Domestic Abuse in the Church?

Bishop Thomas Weeks became a household name when he got into a fight with his then wife Evangelist Juanita Bynum. The fight took place in a hotel parking lot and an employee of the hotel intervened to stop the skirmish. At the time Bynum said that she was the new face of domestic violence. Since that time we have heard very little about the issue from Bynum. In March 2008 Weeks pled guilty to aggravated assault and was sentenced to 3 years probation and 200 hours of community service. At the time of the incident Weeks expressed remorse and said “My emotions got the best of me, and I take responsibility.” Fast forward to October 2009 and Weeks has married another prophetess Christina Glenn. In an interview on bet.com the new wife seemingly minimizes the abuse Weeks inflicted on his former wife. She refers to it as “losing your cool”. She describes the domestic violence incident as “the situation”. When people use euphemisms to describe abuse they minimize the seriousness of the situation. Too often in the church members make excuses for abusive leaders. Weeks pled guilty to assault, he did not plead guilty to a “situation”. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we have to stop closing our eyes to what we see in the pews of our churches. Weeks might have turned the page on his violent ways, but neither he or his new wife can whitewash what happened between him and Juanita Bynum.  That incident of abuse is chronicled in a Georgia courtroom.

Rev. Ike the Godfather of Prosperity Gospel Is Gone to the Mansion in the Sky

 In the 1970s we were finally getting used to seeing blacks on television, but we had never seen anything like Rev. Ike. Ike was teaching prosperity gospel when Creflo Dollar and TD Jakes were trying to get senior prom dates. He was bold and brass and he made traditional black preachers very uncomfortable.” Reverend Ike preached the power of what he called “positive self-image psychology” to his 5,000 parishioners at the United Church Science of Living Institute. The church was housed in a former movie theater in New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood. In the 1970s, Reverend Ike was one of the first evangelists to reach an audience of millions through television. This is the do-it-yourself church,” he proclaimed. “The only savior in this philosophy is God in you.” Most black churches believed ministries should focus on social issues, but Rev. Ike preached a here and now message. Get all you can here and now. Rev. Ike lived an extravagant life and he had no problem flaunting his wealth. Few if any in his congregation achieved the wealth of their leader. Rev. Ike once said “If it’s that difficult for a rich man to get into heaven,” he said, riffing on the famous verse from the book of Matthew, “think how terrible it must be for a poor man to get in. He doesn’t even have a bribe for the gatekeeper.” Rev. Ike made no apologies for his pursuit of wealth and he never really tried to cloak his philosophy in traditional preacher talk. He was about the DOLLAR plain and simple. So the next time you are watching one of the TV preachers and he start’s talking about the “God in you” please know it is not an original concept they got it from a flashy preacher named Rev. Ike.

Domestic Violence is a 24/7 Problem, and Sadly Most Black Churches Are Silent on the Subject

“Black women are abused at a rate 35% higher than that of White women.” This is a sad, but true statistic. The June Essence magazine features an in depth story on this issue.  We have seen high profile individuals like Chris Brown, Rihanna and Juanita Bynum all caught up in incidents of domestic violence, but we know this is a problem that affects women everywhere.  Faith Christian Fellowship, in Owings Mills, MD recently held a women’s rap session, Let’s Talk, that addressed the issue of domestic violence.  FCF World Outreach a progressive ministry is committed to empowering women to live their best lives.  So many churches wrongly use the scriptures to justify abuse in the family. Women are taught they should be submissive to the will of their spouses.  During this discussion one of the members of church Stacey Bishop shared her story of being a domestic violence victim and ultimately becoming a victor.  Lynne Matthews, Communication Consultant for the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American community heard her story, and when she was contacted by Essence to provide research for the article she shared Stacey Bishop’s story with Robin Stone the writer of the Essence magazine article. Stacey Bishop is one of the four women profiled in the June edition of Essence magazine which is on newsstands now. Bishop, a clinical social worker, has a compelling story to share. Her experiences can not only help married women, but it is a story that is also a cautionary tale that can help women and girls of all ages. Churches need to start having frank discussions on this issue and provide their women with information so that they can develop a plan to cope or escape from these dangerous situations.

Why is Rick Warren Giving the Invocation at the Inauguration?

I am a little surprised that Barack Obama is giving Rick Warren such a prominent role in the upcoming inauguration. As one activist put it Warren probably didn’t even vote for Obama, but this pick symbolizes Obama’s dramatic move to the center.  What makes me uneasy is the fact that Warren lied to the American public during the campaign. Back in the summer both Obama and John McCain participated in a Faith Forum at Saddleback Church. Obama was the first one questioned and he really did not do well nor was he well received by the pro-McCain crowd. At the beginning of the forum Warren said that McCain was safely in a “cone of silence” and could not hear the questions being posed to Obama, but what we subsequently learned is that McCain was not even in the building when the forum started. He was actually on his way to the forum and it was a real possibility that he could have heard some of the questions. When McCain appeared he seemed ready for any question and in some cases he was actually answering questions prior to them being asked. It just bothered me that Warren lied when there was no reason to do so. Warren wrote the brilliant book The Purpose Driven Life. It eloquently poses the question Why are We Here? I have read it a couple of times, but I still recognize the fact that Warren is a social conservative. The real difference between him and James Dobson is Warren prefers Hawaiian shirts to three-piece suits.  His verbiage might not be a visceral but make no mistake Warren has a very conservative agenda. Generally to the victor go the spoils. I am surprised that this invitation was not extended to one of the ministers that supported Obama. Why not Kirbyjohn Caldwell of Texas?  There is an old saying “dance with the one that brought you” , Obama is seemingly courting new dance partners and ignoring the one’s that worked for him when Warren and the crew campaigned against him. I learned in Girls Scouts “make new friend and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold”. This simple premise seems lost on the president-elect and that is very sad.