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Horrific Domestic Violence…Son accused of killing mother and grandfather


A friend of mine brought this story to my attention. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Father’s Day? addresses the absence of black fathers

We love to talk about the strong black woman and how she is often the mother and father to her children, but while we applaud her we need to address the lack of fathers in the home. “Actresses Ashley Shante and Squeaky Moore are hoping their new film “Father’s Day?” will encourage discussion about what they call “the elephant in the room,” namely the absence of black fathers from an alarming number of African-American homes.”No one is mentioning the elephant,” Moore, coproducer of the film, told The Huffington Post. “We want to hit them with a story to understand the emotional impact.” The short film was produced by Dear Diary Productions, a film production company Shante founded, whose objective is to raise awareness about the impact of fatherlessness on the black community.” Do movies like this actually help the problem? Most people are aware of the issue does discussing it help solve it? Tell me what you think.


Pageant Mom Calls her son a “diva” is this a problem?

Toddlers and Tiaras is a popular show on the The Learning Channel. Young girls strut their stuff in the girls pageant world. What struck me about this clip is that a little boy is yearning to be a part of this world and his mother seems perfectly fine with it. In fact she refers to him as her little diva. Watch the clip and tell me what you think. http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/toddlers-tiaras-better-than-the-girls.html#mkcpgn=snag1

Bishop Paul Morton tells Eddie Long to Repent

We have been talking about Eddie Long since last fall. Four young men accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior. Long vowed to fight but he ended up settling with the young men. A couple of weeks ago prosperity preached Creflo Dollar chastised his members for leaving Long because he had a “wreck”. A wreck…please. Well finally a member of the preaching fraternity calls Long out and tell him it is time to Repent, and this is refreshing. It is the kind of moment that might restore faith to some of those who have lost theirs. There are still preachers speaking the word and calling sin a sin even when the preacher commits the sin.

Father’s Day 2011-Celebrating the Good Ones

Have you ever watched Maury Povich? Don’t be ashamed most of us have. His show is like an accident you want to look away, but you can’t. He highlights life’s train wrecks and his most famous line is “you are not the father.” Far too often the hearer of this line shows signs of jubilation like turning a cart wheel, high fiving the audience or other obnoxious displays of glee. They simply don’t want to be fathers. They don’t mind doing the deed they simply don’t want responsibility for the seed, but today is about the men who want to be dads. We salute the fathers who protect, direct, discipline and encourage. To the dads that love their children and let them know it we tip our hats to you. I salute my husband who constantly encourages our children to do their best, to my late  father who worked hard for his daughters and took pride in all of our accomplishments. Fathers don’t get the kudos that moms get on their day, but today I say give your dad a hug, and let him know he is not only worthy of celebrating, but that he is loved for all he does.

Bishop Eddie Long Receives a Wad of Cash from member…an anointed moment or an orchestrated one?

If you have ever watched one of these mega-churches on television you will notice they have guards watching the crowd. No they don’t wear uniforms but their eyes are surveying the crowd to ensure no over zealous member runs up and interrupts the “anointed one”. So when I saw this clip I had to shake my head in disbelief because I just could not believe this woman could just run up on the stage and approach the preacher. Tell me what you think. Was this a stunt or an anointed moment?

Creflo Dollar’s Defense of Bishop Eddie Long is disgraceful

This clip was brought to my attention by a story posted on The Grio. I watched the clip and I can only say that I am throughly disgusted and appalled. In the clip Creflo Dollar defends his friend Bishop Eddie Long and characterizes the sexual misconduct charges as having a “wreck”. He admonishes the members who have left him by saying the Bishop has done so many good things in the past that he should be forgiven. What Dollar forgot is the members can forgive him but they do not have to support him. Members do not expect perfection from the preacher, but they do not want him to be a predator. Long paid the money to his accusers to make this go away, but he is now paying the price by seeing his memberhip drop, and anyone that tells people to go back is as guilty as the one that caused them to leave. http://missjia.com/open-discussion-creflo-dollar-tells-eddie-longs-church-to-go-back-video.html

High School Senior Tyell Morton faces jail for senior prank…is it fair?

High School senior Tyell Morton admits coming on school property dressed in a hoodie and placing a package on school property. He had enclosed a blow up doll and he thought it was simply a senior prank, but the school was evacuated while the package was searched. The cost of the evacuation was $8000 and Morton now faces criminal charges that if convicted he could spend 8 years in prison. Is this fair? Tell me what you think.

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Botox for an 8 year old…not just stupid but possibly criminal

In our society people yearn for their 15 minutes of fame, and they will do and say almost anything to get it. I was not going to post on this one, but it makes me mad. A mother appeared on Good Morning America with her 8 year old daughter. The mother has her daughter involved in beauty pagents. That is their choice and that is not a problem. The problem arises when the mother admits that she is giving this child botox. She is literally giving the child the injections. So they got their 15 minutes of fame and now the authorities are looking into the matter. No 8 year old needs this procedure and it is gratifying to know that this woman’s vanity might lead to her punishment. It is sad that this mother thought what she was doing was positioning her daughter to win, but she actually only showcased the fact that she is a loser as a mother. Tell me what you think. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4693027/how-young-is-too-young-for-botox/