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Why is AE glorifying the Klan with “Generation KKK”?


A & E to Resume Duck Dynasty with Phil Robertson

A & E has announced that they will continue filming Duck Dynasty with the entire cast. Phil Robertson will be there spouting his homespun wisdom. So what do you think? Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


What does Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have to do to get fired?

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Chris Brown Will Not perform on Good Morning America

 Adam Lambert was banned from performing on Good Morning America after his performance on the American Music Awards. Instead of him GMA decided to have Chris Brown perform. After the outcry that Brown was a batterer GMA rescinded their invitation to Brown. Now Brown is slated to do a prime time interview with Robin Roberts on the network. Why will the network interview him, but not let him sing? Don’t get me wrong I am in no way condoning Brown’s behavior, but to me the network is being hypocritical. If you are willing to do a sit down with him then he should be able to do a song. Brown is a performer that is what he does for living and he is currently serving his punishment for the crime he committed. At what point will he be free to perform again?

Obama is a Different Kind of Democrat-He Wants to Win

We live in the golden age of technology. As a politician everything that you ever said can and will come back to haunt you. Barack Obama said that he would accept public financing for his campaign, but that was before he saw the kind of money his campaign could draw. So he changed his mind, but he has and will be criticized throughout the duration of the campaign. Had he stayed with his original decision he would not have the finances that he would need to fight the Republican attack ads. He has seemingly modified his position on Iraq. He is keeping his options open until he goes over there and actually sees what is going on and talks with the leaders on the ground. Republicans have seized on this and said he is moving away from his original position. In both of these cases Obama is taking heat for the decisions but he is also exercising wisdom. The Republicans were successful in 2004 branding Kerry  a flip/flopper, but Obama is a different kind of Democrat. Obama has learned that the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is simply not true. If someone says something often enough and long enough it will begin to stick and you have got to shut it down. Obama has the resources to do just that and he will. Obama wants to win and as he makes some adjustments he is showing us that he knows what it will take to make it happen.

Hillary You’ve Got to Know When To Fold Them

Last night while watching Sen. Clinton’s speech I felt like I was in a parallel universe. In this alternate earth Hillary Clinton had been declared the victor. Her campaign chairman Terry McCullife  introduced her to the crowd as the next President of the United States, but the reality is here on earth Sen. Obama clinched the nomination last night. No matter how much posturing or how many people they can get to shout her name she is not the nominee. She was at her ungracious best last night.  No one expected her to concede, but a little praise would have gone a long way. She ran a good fight and she and her supporters are disappointed, but in any fight there is going to be a winner. Winning is wonderful, but the way you handle defeat says a lot about your character. Sen. Clinton is a powerful leader and hopefully she and her followers will align with the nominee. Sen. Clinton played the hand that she was dealt and she played like an expert, but every player knows you have got to know when to fold them and walk away. It is time for Sen. Clinton to walk away from the table.