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Now Donald Trump does not like Fake News?

If it weren’t so insulting it would be comical that Donald Trump and his group of justifiers do not like fake news. Trump is the guy who launched his political career on fake news. He promoted birtherism for over 5 years and all the networks major and cable gave him a platform to spew his fake news. He promoted false stories on Hillary Clinton and now he takes umbrage to Buzzfeed promoting an unsubstantiated story. He is mad at CNN for giving the story oxygen but he had no problem using fake news throughout his political career.

Donald Trump asks black people what do you have to lose?

Words to remember in the voting booth.

Donald Trump is still a Birther

Last night Donald Trump held a townhall meeting. Someone in the crowd said President Obama was a Muslim. Trump did not correct the potential voter, but why would he? Trump is a birther and apparently some of his followers are too. Trump will get a little heat from the media but that’s it. He won’t correct or apologize because that is not his brand. On to the next faux outrage.

Mitt Romney prepares for GOP convention by giving a nod to the Birthers

Today Mitt Romney while stumping made the following statement “No one has ever asked to see my birth certificate,” Romney said. “They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.” Romney is preparing for next week’s GOP convention so it looks like he is getting into form. This statement is a blatant appeal to the birthers who have found a comfortable home among the Republican Party. The reality is he does not have to give them a nod he already has their vote. They hate the president one would think he would spend his time trying to attract new people to the tent, but he seems content just winking at the ones that are already in the tent.

Note to Romney’s Sons: Birther Jokes are not funny

One of Mitt Romney’s sons decided to crack a birther joke yesterday. Not a good move, but I was glad to see that the crowd did not find it too funny. You could hear a cackle in the background, but it really did not have the outcome the Romney heir might have expected. the son has since apologized via Twitter, but mission accomplished he got it out there again.

President Obama gets Trumped

Donald Trump has won this one. The White House is producing the president’s birth certificate. Didn’t he already do this during the election? Trump is taking credit for forcing the president’s hand, and the reality is Trump the reality star has trumped the president. He is forced to restate what he has already done. He is an American. He is the president and some folks can not deal with it. I am sick of Trump being given a microphone and allowed to go on and on with his allegations. Trump will not stop. This issue gives him press and that is what he wants and he will continue to get as he sounds the trumpet to his troop of birthers.

Stop the Birthers…Court Martial Terry Lakin

Lieutenant colonel Terry Lakin is a birther. He does not believe President Obama is a natural born citizen.  So he is refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.  There is a simple solution to this situation: court martial. Lakin pledged to protect the country and he is violated his own oath. Why do we even know about this scenerio?  I am sure there are a number of people who decline to follow orders for a myriad of reasons, but their stories don’t make the news. This makes the news because we keep entertaining the muses of the birther community. The biggest problem they have with this president is not his place of birth, but the color of his skin. I don’t blame everything on race, but I do blame this on race. Simply listen to some of the spokespeople of this group and you will hear racist comments. Not veiled comments open to interpretation, but racist comments. So haul this man off to jail because he is the one that has dishonored his country.

“The Extreme has Become the Mainstream”

President or Jihad. Car dealer/Birther is exercising his right to free speech. Some segments of America can not deal with the fact that the president is black, but they can’t say that. So they will continue the mission to de-legitimize the president. It has been 10 months since he took office and they can’t get over it. So they will continue to do things like this, but in spite of the billboard President Obama will go to sleep in the White House tonight because like it or not he is the elected leader of this country.

GOP Congresswoman Jean Schmidt was a Closet Birther, but Now She has Been Reluctantly Outed

The Birther movement has Congressional support.  When confronted by a birther at a rally in Ohio the Congresswoman said she agreed with the woman. Congresswoman Schmidt ( R-OH)went on to say she agreed but the courts did not. So many Republican members of Congress wink and smile when they are asked about the president’s birth, but sometimes they get caught speaking their true sentiments. This is one of the reasons that these conspiracy theories will not die. They have friends in high places like the Congress of the United States who not too secretly agree with them.