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Donald Trump says President Obama was born in the USA…2 Much 2 Little 2 Late

Donald Trump was famous before he embraced the birther movement, but when he did he became a cult hero. This has been going on for over 5 years but now all of sudden he says the President was born here. What is making him move from the extreme to the mainstream? Votes. Who will fall for this nonsense? Share your thoughts.

Do we need a Birther-in-Chief?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Mitt Romney, Birtherism, the President and Jokes

Yesterday Mitt Romney told a birther joke. Romney said “I love being home, in this place where Ann and I were raised. Where both of us were born…No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.” He claims it was just a joke, but in this climate it was not funny. Romney brags about the fact that his citizenship has never been challenged or questioned. He has never felt like anything but a citizen, but sadly that is not the life story of everyone born in this country. How many people have been pulled over simply for being black? Recently former CNN anchor TJ Holmes was pulled over and when the police approached the car they said they simply wanted to know if he had car insurance. Really? This is a reason to be pulled over? No, this is a reason to be pulled over if you are black driving a nice car, and in a nice neighborhood. This is a black person being viewed as other. It’s a sense of not belonging. It gives the majority the authority to not only question your existence, but to also question why are you here? The president has acquiesced on the birth certificate issue and showed his long form birth certificate, but many in the birther movement claimed it was a fake. So how do you satisfy a group that refuses to affirm your authenticity? You simply can’t. The president sits in the White House, but that figurative police cruiser is still circling and profiling him and wondering how did this “other” get in that house. Maybe he broke in. Oh, I’m just joking. That’s almost as funny as Romney’s birther joke.

Donald Trump is not a racist, his new best friend Arsenio Hall is black

Donald Trump is loudly trumpeting the birther agenda. He continues to question the President’s birth place in spite of the facts. Some have labeled his antics as racist, but Trump has the ultimate excuse for charges of racism. He hired Arsenio Hall as The Apprentice so how could he be a racist. This sounds logical if you are crazy. I just wonder how Hall feels about his new best friend status?

From Ronald to Donald?

Some group sent me invite and flyer for this event. Obviously they don’t read the blog, but it made me ask the following question. Is Donald Trump a disciple of Ronald Reagan? Tell me what you think.

Donald Trump’s Feud with NYT Writer shows he is too petty to be president

This week I have criticized Donald Trump regarding his full throated endorsment of the birther ideology, but now I am convinced his birther view won’t stop him from being president. His pettiness will. He is engaged in a feud with New York Times writer Gail Collins. She wrote an article about him earlier this week but, instead of refuting her facts he took the low road and attacked her professionally. If he plans on running he better get ready  to write a lot of nasty responses because there will be a lot of reporters and columnists that will let lose on Mr. Trump, the master illusionist.


Will Donald Trump’s Birther Talk hurt the brand?

This afternoon my husband said ” Donald Trump is about to make me mad with this birther talk.” I do not speak for all black people, but alot of people in my circle have watched the Trump circus for years. We have bought his merchandise and read his books. We have bought into his brand, but that does not mean we will continue to support a man whose singular mission these days is to delegitimize the president. I don’t think he will actually run, but he is hell bent on trying to damage the president. This birther business has been going on since 2008. I thought then that because the president did not have a long paper trail the birther scenerio was a means of defining him as un-American, and unworthy of being the president, and to say he is not a citizen meant he had no right to be the president, but in 2010 he has a record. Trump is not talking about the president’s record. Trump is a one note wonder, and he might want to re-think this stance because he might be losing some loyal customers, myself included.

Donald Trump Get Fox News Gig, looks like that birther talk is working for him

Donald Trump the new darling of the birther movement has found a home at Fox News. He will now appear  Monday morning on Fox and Friends. His segment will be called  “Monday Mornings with Trump. the network promo says “Bold, brash and never bashful, The Donald now makes his voice loud and clear every Monday on Fox. Trump has always been a showman with an incredible ego, but will embracing this right wing persona hurt or help his brand. tell me what you think.

Meet Eric Wargotz, GOP Candidate for US Senate

Eric Wargotz is the Republican candidate for US Senate from Maryland. He Has some interesting things to say, but what he reveals is he is a birther and that is something the people of Maryland need to know. He just might be the catalyst some folks need to get them to the voting booths this off year. He will be for me.

Birther Jokes just Keep On Coming

On the North Dakota Republican Party website homepage they have a joke of the day, and today the joke was on the president. The picture shows the party crashing Salahis shaking hands with the president and he asks can he see their invitation, and they reply can I see your birth certificate.  Funny stuff?  No its more birther nonsense that the Republicans keep spewing. When the political director of the North Dakota Republican party was questioned about it he said “it’s a joke.” It’s simply nothing funny about this birther drivel and things like this just emboldened the movement.