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Why do they hate us?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Bill Maher and Killer Mike a lethal and Dangerous Duel

Last night Bill Maher and his guest Killer Mike discussed the Baltimore riots and Killer Mike justified the burning of the CVS and the other unrest. He basically said the residents of the community felt no sense of ownership so they weren’t burning their own community because they really felt no sense of community. He also said that the CVS that was burned did not employ people within the community. Keep in mind that Killer Mike is a resident of Atlanta so I don’t know where he gets his facts from but i do know that his arguments don’t justify the fire or the riots. We have a right to protest wrongdoing but we don’t have a right or a justification for illegal activity and we have to say that. Maher and Killer Mike also took some shots at Bill O’Reilly. After listening to the exchange one is led to believe Killer was invited for comic relief.

Bill Maher’s Assault on God Continues

His disdain for deity amazes me. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Why did Wayne Brady say he will “kick Bill Maher’s ass in public”?

Bill Maher is a raving liberal with an attitude. He is known for making outrageous remarks. He has often questioned the way the president acts and he has said when he voted for a black president he expected one. Maher’s fanatasy black man is a “gangsta” foul mouthed type who refuses to take any stuff off “whitey”. So the President does not fit his stereotype and apparently Wayne Brady does not fit it either. Yesterday while appearing on HuffPost Live Wayne Brady responded to Maher and let him know he is not the baromenter of blackness. Maher does get a pass because he is a liberal. If he was not no one would let him pigeonhole the black experience into his own self delusional box.

Bill Maher ask a very important question…when did everything become political?

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Bill Maher call out NBC Tom Brokaw on “Objectivity”

Bill Maher is questioning the objectivity of the media when it comes to the issue of birtherism. Maher references a recent episode of Morning Joe in which Chris Matthews took The RNC Chairman to task for comments made by the GOP presidential candidate. The discussion became heated and Tom Brokaw calmed it down by saying there is blame on both sides. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Does this make Ann Romney fair game?

So is it fair to criticize Ann Romney since she is being used in this commercial? Share your thoughts.

Is Obama’s Reelection Black America’s last hope?

Bill Maher claims President Obama’s reelection is Black America’s last hope? sounds ominous, but is there some truth to this assertion? The GOP has conceded the black vote to the president so they are not making overtures toward us, but what if Mitt Romney does win where does that leave the black community? Share your thoughts.

We Know Bill Maher is an Atheist, but does he have to be a jerk?

Denver Bronco Tim Tebow’s team lost the game on Sunday, and Bill Maher took to his twitter account to be a jerk. The linked story includes the details, but the big question is why does Maher think he has to go so far to show his disdain for anything associated with the church. it really is not funny. We live in a free country where you can believe in God if you choose to or not believe if you choose not to. Rarely if ever do you hear Christians mocking the unbeliever. Sure they will try to witness to the unbeliever, but they (most) don’t go off the deep like this.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes Bill Maher Squirm on The View

Bill Maher appeared The View this morning and it was uncomfortable for him, and uncomfortable for the viewers to watch. Last February he told a joke on his show regarding resident conservative host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Maher said in his New Rules segment back in February: “now that Hosni Mubarak has released Lara Logan, he must put her intrepid hotness on a plane immediately. In exchange, we will send Elisabeth Hasselbeck.” The joke was in very poor taste, but Maher has made a fortune saying things in very poor taste. He was on The View today to talk about his book, but that got lost in the exchange between he and Hasselbeck. He did not apologize and she did not let up. I think she had a right to confront him, but at a point the question becomes why is he on the show? This did not make for good television it just seemed a little high schoolish, and Hasselbeck in her effort to embarrass him ended up also embarrassing herself.
To Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-02-07/entertainment/29984611_1_lara-logan-joy-behar-bill-maher#ixzz1dnKzvjha