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How could Bill Clinton, a savvy politician be so stupid?

I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton in the fall but why do they make it so difficult? Why would Bill Clinton board Loretta Lynch’s plane in the middle of the email controversy? They are not friends. He had no reason other than to make an attempt to plead for his wife. Who asked him to do it? why did she let him on? Did it not cross her mind that this was not the right thing to do? Meetings like this are never private. This was in a word stupid and a seasoned politician like Bill Clinton should have known better.

Is Monica Lewinsky fair game or is it time to let her alone?

Most Americans have the opportunity to make mistakes and move on. The exploits of youth are allowed to be a part of the past, but if you are Monica Lewinsky you are not given that privilege. She will forever be associated with President Bill Clinton. She is the one he declared to the world that he had never had sex with that woman. She was victimized by the press in the “90s and now she is quickly become the political football of the 2016 campaign, but is this fair? Should the sins of Bill Clinton be used against Hillary Clinton? Lewinsky was a young woman when she had an affair with Clinton. He has been able to move forward and be regarded as an elder statesman. He has had the opportunity for his life to move forward, but she is forever trapped in the role of a young vixen. Donald Trump and his spokespeople have openly discussed bringing up Lewinsky. Will Lewinsky ever be released from her past or will this affair haunt her to the grave? Share your thoughts.

Armstrong Williams sound off on the Clintons…is he right?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

The term Democratic whore never leads to a good place

“Speaking to a crowd estimated around 27,000 people, health care activist and physician Paul Song ripped into those who, like Clinton, insist on a more incremental approach to reforming the health-care system. “Medicare-for-all will never happen if we continue to elect corporate Democratic whores who are beholden to big pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us,” Song said, according to reports.”

Keep in mind President Bill Clinton was instrumental in securing the release of Dr. Song’s sister-in-law from North Korea. Song is the husband of journalist Lisa Ling a Clinton supporter. Song is not obligated to support Hillary Clinton but he should respect her. So to lump her in with what he calls Democratic whores is truly a ridge too far.


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Bill Clinton spars with Black Lives Matter Protesters in Philly…is anybody listening?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Will the Clintons ever learn you can’t bully people into voting for you?

In the 2008 campaign Bill Clinton insulted black people when he said in South Carolina that the Barack Obama campaign was a fairy tale. He was angry because black people were jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Fast forward to 2016 and this year Hillary Clinton is running as a woman candidate. See in 2008 she was all about the experience, but this time she is all about the females and she wants all the women to jump on her bandwagon and the young women are simply not doing it. Getting your surrogates to tell women there is a “special place in hell” for women who do not support other women or saying they are following the boys because the boys are supporting Bernie is not the road to victory. The Clintons have been in politics for years and they should have learned a long time ago that insulting voters is not endearing. Bernie Sanders is not the real problem. The fact is he should not be true competition but he is and it is up to the Clintons to figure out a pathway to victory and insults is not the way.

Stop Running from the Police…it could cost you your life

There is a certain protocol when dealing with the police. You should answer their questions respectfully. You should follow their directions and you should not run from them. We have seen Walter Scott shot down like a dog when he tried to flee the police. In Tulsa a man was shot and killed when a volunteer cop mistakenly drew his gun instead of his taser. One can criticize the actions of the police in both cases, but we also are left with the question would they be alive if they had not run? When you ask this question many will criticize you and even threaten to withdraw your “black card”, but I sincerely believe Black Lives Matter and we must do all we can to save them. We can not continue to lump all the cases together and ignore the specific facts of each case. Cable is full of talking heads linking Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Warren Scott and Eric Courtney Harris. All these case have been and will be reviewed. Facts matter and we can not ignore them as we assemble a collective narrative.

Martin O’Malley says the presidency is not a crown to be passed between two families

Former governor Martin O’Malley is starting to talk like a presidential candidate. Appearing on ABC This Week, he said the presidency is not a crown to be passed between two families. Wonder who he was talking about? Could it be the Clintons and the Bushes? Yes, they are the two families and we need to examine both their candidacies. Are they the best people to lead this country or is it time for a fresh and new perspective? Is O’Malley ready to lead on Day One? Is it time to look at some of the other Republicans? Share your thocughts.

Monica Lewinsky has a right to share her story now

Former President Clinton has moved so far beyond the Monica Lewinsky scandal that he can not even see it in his rear view mirror. Clinton is an elder statesman. He has a Foundation and a Global Initiative. He has a wife who will soon be running for president. Since leaving the White House she has been a Senator and Secretary of State. They have both done very well, but what about Monica Lewinsky? To the Clintons she is a footnote, a hiccup, a nuisance, but in reality she is a person. She was a young woman who made the mistake of falling in love with the most powerful man on earth at the time, and for that act she was crucified by the press and members of the government. She was called everything but a child of God. She was left for dead, but she did not die and she has now decided to step up to the microphone and share her story, but some think her timing is suspect. Why now? How will this effect Hillary? Why should she care? This is her story and she does not have to receive an affirmation from the Clintons to share it. Back in the ’90s she was lampooned by comediennes, and now some of them are ashamed of what they said about this young woman. They are now getting the opportunity to see her humanity. She is not bearing her wounds she is sharing her narrative. It might be painful to some and not politically expedient to others but Lewinsky gets to choose her time and she has chosen now.

Hillary Clinton and the emails…she is far too smart to play dumb

Something is funny about this email story.