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Are you sick of “Becky with the good hair”?

What the heck is good hair?* Is it the kind of hair that is naturally straight? Is it the kind of hair that has a natural curl? Good hair is a phrase that probably pre-dates most of my readers, but it is a phrase that continues to echo in the black community. If something is good it actually implies the opposite of that state is bad. So do we conclude hair with a natural kink is bad? One would think this would be a conversation we were no longer having, but sadly that is not the case. Over the years chemicals and electric devises have enabled us to have any kind of hair we want. We can have naturals, kinky and even nappy if that is your preference. So can we stop using this antiquated term “good hair”, and simply accept the beauty of diversity.

*Understood the Beyonce reference just opening it up to a wider discussion.

SNL skit The Day Beyonce Turned Black worth watching

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Did the NFL really listen to Beyonce’s song Formation?

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Jay Z and Beyonce Post Bail for Baltimore Protesters, and they didn’t publicize it

Read the linked story and share your thoughts.


Did Beyonce steal the dress from Coming to America?

stole my look-beyonce
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If the Stellar Awards are for gospel why is the big news the reunion of Destiny’s Child?

destiny's child

Are the Stellar Awards for gospel or is it just another award show? Share your thoughts.

Is Kanye a genius or is he one of the rudest people on earth?

I am starting to believe that Kanye West is Beyoncé’s publicist. He believes he must defend her whenever she does not receive an award that he believes she should receive. He interrupted Taylor Swift when he felt Beyoncé had been robbed, and last night he stepped up to the mike as Beck received his award. He did not interrupt him but he nevertheless stole his moment. Why does Kanye feel he has a right to do this? Well, he’s a genius. At least people have called him one, and he obviously believes it. As a genius he believes he can do and say anything he wants. So as a genius his opinion is superior to the mere mortals who award the Grammys. Come on Man…Kanye is a bully. His music is hot and he shares a bed with a reality star, but he is no genius. He is just plain rude.

Beyonce’s sister battling, Donald Sterling babbling and Michael Sam peddling a reality show, and finally a New Hampshire sheriff calls the president the n-word… What a week it was

Last week we saw the unauthorized release of the elevator videotape of Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z. We saw Donald Sterling appear on CNN and attempt to tell us that he is not a racist, but he spewed racist talk in his explanation. We saw Michael Sam, the first openly gay player who claimed he just wanted to play football announce he would be the star of a reality show to be shown on the Oprah Winfrey network.* A small town sheriff receives big time attention when he calls the president the n-word. So what do these stories have in common? They predominated the news last week, but why are we spending so much time concentrating on the familial squabbles of the JayZ/Knowles clan or why do we bother to watch Sterling tell us about who he thinks should be a role model for the black community? Why do we care that a small town/small minded 82 year old sheriff used the n-word when referring to the duly elected 44th president? So why is this news and why are we fascinated with this kind of trivia? Share your thoughts.

*Michael Same reality show has been postponed.

Why did Beyonce snap a selfie at the Anne Frank house?

beyonce selfie with anne frank

Why do celebrities feel compelled to take a picture everywhere they go? Was it appropriate for Beyonce to take this selfie? Read the linked article and share your thoughts.


Why is Bill O’Reilly freaking out about Beyonce?

Russell Simmons was on O’Reilly Factor to talk about his new book, but since he is a black man Bill O’Reilly took the opportunity to talk about Beyonce. Simmons was tasked with explaining Beyonce’s latest video and why would she do it? Simmons tried to be diplomatic and bring the conversation back to the purpose of his appearance but O’Reilly was having none of that. The fact is Beyonce is not a role model she is an entertainer who has chosen to make sexy videos to sell her products. If you don’t like what she does you have the right not to look, but let’s not attempt to blame societal ills on Beyonce.