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One Dead, 4 wounded at BET Awards Pre-Party



BET Awards…Why did I watch them?

Last night I watched the BET Awards. The entertainment is dominated by rap performances and as I watched I could not, but yearn for rap from back in the day. Don’t get me wrong I am no rap expert, but it definately does not take an expert to know if the lyrics are “same ole shit different day” you  are definately not dealing with poetry. Kevin Hart was the diminutive host and I say this because his opening performance featured a step performance featuring children who looked to be between 9-11, and one had to wonder did they have to use children because adults would have towered over Hart. The performance was like watching the Lilliputians of the land of Oz. The night was full of over the top performances, and over the top fashion. I have linked to an article from The Root which features a detailed account of last night’s award show. http://www.theroot.com/views/bet-awards

Did Anybody Notice Kanye’s comeback?

On the Sunday BET Awards the first performer was Kanye West. In light of the Chris Brown performance very few people have commented on the return of West. West has kept a low profile since he snatched the microphone from Taylor Swift at last year’s MTV awards. Swift is country/pop music royalty and she is also a minor which made the West’s move even more egregious. He apologized and basically went MIA for a while but is America ready for his comeback? You can access the size of the mistake by the aftermath, and if what you did can now be used to describe a situation you committed a whopper. During the Oscars we witnessed two co-winners vying for the microphone to make an acceptance speech and the middle-aged woman won the tussle. The next day that incident was described as a “Kanye Moment.” That says it all. Kanye committed a whopper, but in the society we live in everyone apologizes and moves on. We have politicians that call the president a liar, we have politicians that call an opponent a ‘raghead’, we have politicians that use public funds to finance trysts with call girls and they all apologized and life went on. So Kanye welcome back. America might be ready to accept your apology.

Chris Brown Dances Tribute to MJ on the BET Awards

Chris Brown has always attributed his love of music to Michael Johnson.  Jackson was an exceptional dancer and so is Brown, but last year on the heels of the Rihanna beating Brown was not allowed to appear on the BET awards. Well tonight a year after the scandal Brown was allowed to dance in memory of the King of Pop. Brown showed us why people pay to see him dance and he was overcome by emotion when he danced to Jackson’s song Man in the Mirror. Brown’s behavior can neither be excused or ignored. He battered his girlfriend and he has been punished by the law and the court of public opinion, but he is a young man who did a bad thing, but that does not negate his worth. Hopefully this has been a year of discovery for him and tonight his career came full circle. His career started from a love of MJ and tonight his career might have been rekindled by the music of MJ.