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Hillary Clinton ask “what difference does it make?”…not the right answer

hillary what difference
Hillary Clinton is a powerful woman who over the years has shown extreme grace under fire. She was her husband’s biggest supporter even when it was undeserved. She was one of the first women to run for president that had the credentials to actually hold office. She is a role model for strong women. She has been under fire since the Benghazi tragedy. The Republicans have been itching for an opportunity to let loose at the President or any of his representatives. Mitt Romney unsuccessfully tried to use the tragedy against the president. John McCain used it to successfully torpedo Susan Rice’s aspiration for Secretary of State. So today when Hillary Clinton appeared before the Senate they knew this was their time to shine. It was a time for the backbenchers to sit in the judgment seat as they took potshots at someone who has actually had to lead. No stone was too sharp and no blow too low, but when Hillary Clinton responded to one of their pointed questions by saying “what difference does it make?” I knew that would be the right wing takeaway. She meant at this point what difference does it make? She was saying we need to look at the situation and develop ways to insure that this does not happen again. She was not minimizing the incident she was trying to give it a perspective, and that was not on the agenda today. Today was about having a public flogging and they would have prefered if she had stayed silent as they hurled their verbal abuse, but if that was the expectation they have not met the unsinkable Hillary Rodham-Clinton.