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Dr. Ben Carson, the non-angry black man, why does this bug some people?

This election season us proving to be amusing. Dr. Ben Carson has the calmest demeanor. he has been described as unflappable. He makes his point without raising his voice. He refuses to get in the mud with Donald Trump even when Trump hangs the low energy moniker on him, but what makes this funny is America is quick to label a black man as angry. Carson is the opposite and his calm demeanor seems to be a bone of contention. SMH

398 Days until Election Day…why does it feel like Election Day is tomorrow?

We will elect a new president in November of 2016, but judging by the media obsession one would think that election day is next month not over a year from now. Somewhere along the way politics turned into entertainment and entertainment populates the media on a 24/7 basis. Candidates make the rounds from state fairs to late night television all in search of voters. They will do stand up, sing-a-longs, baby kissing…you name it nothing is off limits, but is the way we want to select the most powerful leader on earth? Share your thoughts.

Dr. Ben Carson is a conservative and he is no Uncle Tom

Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Is Ben Carson a sell out?

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Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee all want to president…will they seriously reach out to minorities?

Over the past two days we have seen 3 new contenders: Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee have announced their desire to be president, but they have to capture the nomination first so at some point they will have to stop Hillary bashing and actually talk turkey.That’s when I will start listening.

Who is advising Ben Carson?

Dr. Ben Carson has been described as brilliant, but that is when he is operating in his lane. Politics is a new lane for this prominent surgeon and he is stumbling out of the gate. He has to learn how to command the conversation and not be defined by one issue. CNN Chris Cuomo had an agenda and Carson fell right into place. CNN got its soundbite and Carson is again labeled by one issue.

Did Dr. Ben Carson compare Obamacare to 9/11?

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Dr. Ben Carson on The View

Is he or isn’t he running for president. He really did not answer the question. He believes that the government should not control healthcare and it should be left in the hands of the people. He touts small government. He proposed a health savings account. He says this puts the control back in the hands of people. Carson said when you rob someone of their incentive to do better you rob them of their will to do better. He said what would be more empowering is to give them a way up and out. Carson did not get much pushback until the end of the segment. Whoopi Goldberg said she was a former recipient of welfare and she did not like taking it but she paid into the system and whe she could do better she did. My question is do you agree with Dr. Carson. Does welfare rob people of their incentive to work or is it a lifeline in the time of trouble?

Who is Dr. Ben Carson?

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American CurrentSee, new digital magazine targeting black conservatives

American CurrentSee

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