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Mississippi State Slays Goliath UConn…never give up

Last year the UConn Women’s basketball team whipped Mississippi State by 60 points. So last night UConn probably saw them as a bump on the road on their way to the championship, but that did not happen. Last night UConn was beaten by a buzzer beater. It was unlikely but it happened. Moral of the story don’t underestimate your competition and never give up



Why do we hate the poor?

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Will the new Congress change anything?

The Republicans will control the Senate and the House. Will anything change? Simple question. Share your thoughts.

Dwayne Wade in capri pants suit…fashion forward or fashion flop?

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Fox News Eric Bolling says the firing of Mike Rice shows we are becoming “wussies”…crazy talk or does he have a point?

Fox News Eric Bolling objects to the firing of Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice. I don’t agree with his assertions regarding political correctness in this scenerio, but I do have some misgivings regarding how the Rice situation was handled. I believe Rice should have been fired when the incident first came to light, but the university decided an appropriate punishement would be a 3 game suspension, $50K fine and anger management, but when the public found out about what they already knew they fired him. Rice thought he had fulfilled the punishment, but the game changed. It will be interesting to see if Rice sues the school, but let’s talk about political correctness. This is in no way political correctness this is plain and simple verbal abuse. I do think that we are now in a society that wants everyone to feel that they are a winner. We have ball games among younger children where there is no winner because we do not want anyone to feel bad. That’s not healthy because in the real world there will be winners and losers. There will be times when someone actually raises their voice in anger toward one of our children and we have to teach our children how to deal with correction. Correction and abuse are two totally different things. So no Mr. Bolling you are incorrect Rice had to go, but it should have been last year not yesterday.

Should Rutgers coach Mike Rice be fired?

Mike Rice throws balls and curses at players during practice. he was suspended for three games last year, but that was before the world saw this tape. Is this guy fit to coach this team? Share your thoughts.



Magic Johnson’s son EJ is gay and his parents are proud

Read linked story for all the details:

Amare Stoudemire the latest victim of Twitter

NY Knicks Amare Stoudemire sent a direct message tweet to someone that contained a gay slur. The reciepient promptly posted the message. Stoudemire was fined $50K for his twitter outburst. When will people learn Twitter is not a diary you are actually talking to the world and those 140 characters can be costly.

Madea…oh no! Charles Barkley’s Weight Watchers Commercial

One question: why?

NBA Cancels first two weeks of the season… do you think there will be a season?

David Stern announced that the first two weeks of the season have been cancelled he said the two sides are far apart. Who has the real power in this situation? The one that writes the check or the one that receives the check? Who do you think will cave first? I put my money on the check writer. What do you think?