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Why is Barbara Walters defending Woody Allen?

This morning on The View Barbara Walters and co-host Sherri Sheppard got into a heated exchange regarding whether Woody Allen molested his step daughter. Walters says that she knows Allen and he is a loving father, but Sheppard says we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Allen ended up marrying his adopted daughter. Sheppard contends that Allen has shown that he is attracted to young girls. Allen is currently up for a number of awards and this story is re-surfacing. The question is should these allegations be factored into whether he receives awards for his directing skills? Share your thoughts.

Has ABC The View lost its way?

Have you seen The View lately? Well in a word it is sad. There is no chemistry it is just 4 women attempting to give the audience the appearance of camaraderie. Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are gone and sorely missed. I used to find both of them at times too partisan, but they had a real point of view. Now we are left with Whoopi, Barbara, Sherri and the newbie Jenny McCarthy. Not a good mix and this week Brad Garrett is the guest co-host and he literally looks like the bull in the china shop. The show has lost more than two co-hosts. It has lost its mojo. It might be time to put a fork in it or it might be simpler for me to just turn the channel.

Dan Savage talks gay threesomes on The View…really?

Dan Savage is known for his in your face advocacy but today he brought his wisdom to The View. This season The View is going in a new direction. They seemingly are moving away from the stay at home moms model to a broader more inclusive audience. They want everybody and they are seemingly willing to go out on a limb. I walked in on the Savage segment and heard him discussing how we are hardwired to cheat. Barbara Walters asked him a specific question regarding if he cheats on his partner and Savage replied well if he were cheating his partner would be cheating also because he would be at the other end of the person he was cheating with. Walters seemed taken aback, but was she? Isn’t this exactly what she wanted?


Whoopi Goldberg says she is on The View to do her job no matter who else is at the table…is she right or wrong?

Whoopi Goldberg told US magazine that she doesn’t care who sits at the tablee with her as long as she gets paid. I cleaned up her real quote but the linked story contains her more colorful language. Some are shocked by her indefference, but the reality is the ladies are her co-workers. Would you cry if one of your co-workers took another position or if they were fired? The problem is talk shows rely on chemistry to attract ratings. They want the viewers to buy into the premise that the co-hosts are actually friends or in some case family like the Today Show. So when they decide the chemistry is not working the audience reacts negatively. Case in point the duming of Ann Curry. The Today show billed itself as a family so when it came time to change the public reacted by watching Good Morning America. it will be interesting to see if The View suffers a similar fate. Good luck Whoopi you seem like you could be comfortable if it became a one woman show.


Joy Behar leaving The View at the end of the season

Joy Behar has been with The View since the beginning. it was announced today that she will be leaving the popular show. You either love her or hate her and she could really care less. Some of her statements were and are outrageous, but she is never boring and she will be missed from the conversation.

Barbara Walters asked Chris Christie if he is too fat to be president…is he?

Last night Barbara Walters interviewed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Walters asked him if his weight would disqualify him for being the president. Christie said “that’s ridiculous”, but is this wishful thinking on his part? Christie is not pleasantly plump, fluffy, thick or slightly overweight. In a word he is obese. Like it or not we do not live in a fat friendly culture. When the CBS show Mike and Molly first launched a no name blogger wrote that she did not want to see the love story of two fat people. She was crucified and today many people are criticizing Walters for asking the question, but what was she supposed to do? Ignore the elephant in the room? It is interesting to watch people come to the defense of high profile obese people, but these same people don’t seem to show this kind of sympathy or understanding to the obese people they encounter in their everyday life. A friend of mine who is obese once told me that fat people are the only people that you can make a joke about without any repercussions. I never thought of that, but it is true. We don’t respect fat people. Too many of us look at a fat person and we make a lot of assumptions. They are lazy, they don’t care how they look, they eat all the time. None of these assumptions are based on facts. We are an image obsessed nation. Name one overweight news anchor or an overweight presidential press secretary (current or former), you can’t name one because there are none. So the reality is if Christie wants to occupy the Oval Office in 2016 he needs to start changing a lot of things, and one of them is his diet.

Barbara Walters calls out Donald Trump…will it make a difference?

Today on The View Barbara Walters called Donald Trump out regarding his 5 million dollar offer. She told him to stop making a fool of himself. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.

The View Barbara Walters says John Edwards does not care about his child

Today the ladies of The View were discussing the John Edwards case. In discussing the trial Barbara Walters said Edwards never cared about Rielle Hunter, and she went a step further by saying he did not care about the child he fathered with Hunter. Some of her co-hosts challenged her assessment, but the Queen of Talk did not back down. It is one thing for her to take shots at Edwards he might deserve it, but the child is now 4 years old, and it is just reckless and cruel to bring the innocent child into any discussion of the misdeeds of the parents. Shame on you Babs.

Was Star Jones ambushed on The View yesterday?

Star Jones appeared on The View yesterday for the first time in 6 years. She left in 2006 when her contract was not renewed. She announced it prior to the agreed upon time and Barba walters was livid. Since that time Jones has had her own show on Court Television and she is now on the NBC Today Show. This morning she was defended by Donny Deutsch who said she was ambushed on The View yesterday, and he went on to say that Barbara Walters and Joy Behar acted like mean girls. My question is were Walters and Behar out of line talking about the past or would it have been weird not to discuss Star’s departure. Tell me what you think. http://todayentertainment.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/23/10486528-donny-deutsch-defends-star-jones-against-the-views-mean-girls


Why is Sherri Shepherd offended by Barbara Walter’s use of the N-word, but not Whoopi Goldberg’s?

Today the hot topics got really hot on The View. While discussing the Rick Perry “Niggerhead Camp” Sherri Shepherd was offended when Barbara Walters said the word nigger, but she did not take offense when her co-host, Whoopi Goldberg said the same word. Walters said she was merely saying the word as part of the story she was not calling Shepherd a name, but Shepherd was still upset and she said she could not explain it to Walters. This is the problem with the word. It is either offensive or it is not. It can’t be fine for one group to say it and time to pull out protest signs when another groups says it. It is an ugly word and nobody should be saying it.