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Did Rev. Jamal Bryant deserve this?

People don’t respect the ministry and many people have issues with the media loving Jamal Bryant, but does he deserve this? Did Bryant do the right thing by simply walking away. Watch the clip and share your thoughts.

Baltimore a Dependent City with an Attitude

Last night I watched a BET special about the uprising in Baltimore. The crowd seemed unified around one issue and that was anger. They were angry at the mayor, the police, the church, any organized anything. We listened to alot of frustrated people. What we did not hear was responsibility. What has the community done to find themselves in their current state? That question was never asked or answered. There were questions about funding for programs, but who is going to fund them? The same government that was being railed against is the same government that will fund any program within that community. It is ironic to be dependent with an attitude, but that is the reality of Charm City.

How could we have helped Freddie Gray?

When you talk about Freddie Gray is it wrong to talk about his arrest record? Gray had been arrested 18 times prior to the fateful day he had his last encounter with the police. Most of the arrests were for minor offenses. It seems that anyone who attempts to talk about it are quickly shutdown. Last night NBC Lester Holt interviewed members of Gray’s family and he tried to broach the subject, but he was quickly shutdown by the family attorney Billy Murphy. So is this subject off limits or were the arrests just Baltimore cops gone rogue? We should be able to discuss this without name calling. There is something wrong when a 25 year old man has 18 arrests. This can not be viewed as the norm and it all can not simply be attributed to harassment. Last week during the media outbreak we saw them relinquish their microphones to anyone with a tale to tell. The journalists did not make any attempt to substantiate the claims no they just shared them. The more sensational the tale the more airtime you received. No one is offering any cover to the police regarding the treatment of Freddie Gray,  but we have to be willing to have the hard conversations free from rancor. This case offers more issues than the murder of Gray there should also be some analysis of his life, and how we can keep others in the community from suffering a similar fate. Share your thoughts.

Do you know what it is like to live in poverty?

What is it like to live in poverty? Fortunately, I can not answer that question, and most of the people who make laws can not answer it either, but they are tasked with making the rules that govern the lives of the impoverished. Do they ever talk to poor people and find out about their lives or are the rules simply numerically generated? Over the past week we witnessed the events in Baltimore. We were told about Freddie Gray’s neighborhood and how so many people his age had been exposed to lead poisoning. The sad fact is the homes they lived in had not been painted by the landlord since the 70’s so the children of the 90s were victims of decades of neglect. It is easy to be judgmental and say they need to work hard and they can get out of poverty, but the reality is a lot of people caught in the poverty spiral are already working hard. What’s the answer? Don’t know but it might start with the rule makers having a conversation with people who are actually living in poverty.

Bye, Bye Baltimore…What is Next for Charm City?

it was a big week for Baltimore. The Freddie Gray tragedy played out on tape. We don’t know everything about this case but we do know what we saw was heartbreaking. The screams of Gray as he is dragged away are wrenching. The riots and the protests drew the attention of the national press. Some of the press drew well deserved attention to the case and the state of affairs in that part of Baltimore.  In a 24/7news cycle you often see things that we shouldn’t see. We saw reporters surrendering their microphones to almost anybody and everybody. We heard many tales of police abuse, but we only had the account of the supposed victim. The claims were accepted and unchallenged and that can not be described as good journalism, but is good journalism the same as good news? No good journalism requires fact checking and good news simply generates good ratings. The cameras have moved on, the curfew has been lifted, Mondamin Mall has re-oped and CVS is still burnt ashes but Charm City is no longer number one in the news cycle. Monday ushers in normalcy and the problems that plague the city are no closer to resolution but the cameras and the lights are being set up at the next hot spot. So Charm City you are on your own just like you were last Monday and like you will be next Monday. Share your thoughts.

Baltimore Picture of the week-Soldier and Little Girl

soldier and little girl-baltimore
Share your thoughts.

Baltimore curfew lifted…now what?

The curfew has been lifted and soon the cameras will be leaving to go to the next hotspot. Over the past week we have seen portions of the city riot and other areas burn. We have seen angry teens destroy property and we have heard talking heads try to explain why this happened, but where does Baltimore go from here? Has anything changed? We have heard lip service from city and state officials, but  there is no real plan for change. Unfortunately the poor don’t have a lobbyist to keep their issues a part of the national conversation. The poor are invisible until something like this happens and then everyone acts as if they did not know they existed. There are communities like West Baltimore in every urban city, and the question is what city will will be the next one to have a curfew.

Is Toya Graham the Mother of the Year?

By now everyone has seen the Baltimore mother, Toya Graham “beating” her son. She found him at Mondawmin Mall with a rock in his hand about to participate in the melee at the mall. She grabbed him their encounter has gone viral. Graham is being praised but why? it is interesting that we are witnessing appropriate situational parenting. I say this because if her son had merely been getting off a school bus, and she was using this same form of discipline against him for what she perceived to be wrong she would have been arrested. So the real question is “is corporal punishment wrong?” Or is appropriate in certain situations, and who determines what situation is appropriate? Share your thoughts.

Baltimore In A State of Emergency, but how did we get here?

Freddie Gray died under mysterious circumstances while in the custody of the police. Yesterday was his funeral and yesterday was the day Baltimore descended into chaos. My heart broke as I watched young people hurl rocks and stones at police. Some young people middle school age. Seeing people break into a malls and walking out with hand fulls of stolen goods. What happened to the people? How is this senseless violence justified? No one is going to communicate when portions of the city are still smoldering. One of the problems is there is a lack of respect. When you watch young people throw rocks at police you are struck by the lack of respect for law enforcement, but who do these young people respect? They don’t respect the teachers. Respect is first taught at home and unfortunately most of the young folks we saw have not been taught respect. This was not about Freddie Gray this was sadly criminals with a chance to do harm. The mayor is in the hot seat. Many saying the city responded too late, but that might be true but this level of anger started along time ago. Long before Gray took his last breath. This is a tinderbox just looking for a reason to explode.

Baltimore Clergy reaches out to Baltimore Gangs to Help Connect to Young People

Tonight when I heard Baltimore clergy was reaching out to Baltimore gang leaders for help connecting to the youth I thought I needed to get my hearing check. Sadly, I heard correctly. So men of the cloth don’t know how to facilitate a dialogue without the help of gang leaders. Gangs engage in illegal activities but they have been elevated to community leaders? Share your thoughts.