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Is Toya Graham the Mother of the Year?

By now everyone has seen the Baltimore mother, Toya Graham “beating” her son. She found him at Mondawmin Mall with a rock in his hand about to participate in the melee at the mall. She grabbed him their encounter has gone viral. Graham is being praised but why? it is interesting that we are witnessing appropriate situational parenting. I say this because if her son had merely been getting off a school bus, and she was using this same form of discipline against him for what she perceived to be wrong she would have been arrested. So the real question is “is corporal punishment wrong?” Or is appropriate in certain situations, and who determines what situation is appropriate? Share your thoughts.

Baltimore In A State of Emergency, but how did we get here?

Freddie Gray died under mysterious circumstances while in the custody of the police. Yesterday was his funeral and yesterday was the day Baltimore descended into chaos. My heart broke as I watched young people hurl rocks and stones at police. Some young people middle school age. Seeing people break into a malls and walking out with hand fulls of stolen goods. What happened to the people? How is this senseless violence justified? No one is going to communicate when portions of the city are still smoldering. One of the problems is there is a lack of respect. When you watch young people throw rocks at police you are struck by the lack of respect for law enforcement, but who do these young people respect? They don’t respect the teachers. Respect is first taught at home and unfortunately most of the young folks we saw have not been taught respect. This was not about Freddie Gray this was sadly criminals with a chance to do harm. The mayor is in the hot seat. Many saying the city responded too late, but that might be true but this level of anger started along time ago. Long before Gray took his last breath. This is a tinderbox just looking for a reason to explode.

Baltimore Clergy reaches out to Baltimore Gangs to Help Connect to Young People

Tonight when I heard Baltimore clergy was reaching out to Baltimore gang leaders for help connecting to the youth I thought I needed to get my hearing check. Sadly, I heard correctly. So men of the cloth don’t know how to facilitate a dialogue without the help of gang leaders. Gangs engage in illegal activities but they have been elevated to community leaders? Share your thoughts.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake calls the rioters “thugs”

The city of Baltimore is in mourning tonight. I rarely use the word thug but there is no other word suitable for this situation. To see people break into Mondawmin Mall and come out with armloads of stolen property was unsettling. In some cases people came with their children and then people wonder why these children have no respect for authority.There is a 10PM curfew tonight and hopefully order will be restored.

Rev. Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple Helping Freddie Gray’s family with funeral expenses

Rev. Jamal Bryant has been on CNN so much lately he should have his own seat. He has been speaking for Freddie Gray’s family. it is great to see he is also helping the family. Read the linked story and share your thoughts.