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The Atlanta cheating scandal is a tragedy on so many levels

Yesterday my heart grieved as I saw Atlanta teachers and administrators being led off to prison. How did these college educated men and women get so far off track? They cheated. They cheated the students, the system and themselves and now they are going to prions, but we also have to ask were they also victims? Were they handed unrealistic goals to meet? I saw a clip of a 16 year old testifying against them and she said that she read at a middle school level, but the altered test results claimed she was at grade level. Was she a victim? Yes, but is that strictly the fault of the teachers? Shouldn’t her parents or parent have known that she was not up to par in her reading skills? Don’t get me wrong they should be punished and if they received bonuses they should have to return the money, but should they be sent to prison for years? These defendants were treated like they were members of the mafia. Punish them, but don’t destroy them. Do they really deserve to be roommates with rapists and murderers? Read the linked article and share your thoughts.