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Anti-Obama Tweet one of Sarah Palin’s Favorites

Twitter is a two edge sword. You can get your message out quickly but too often people respond quickly and that is when the trouble happens. Ann Coulter sent out an anti-Obama tweet, and Sarah Palin marked it as favorite. Coulter tweeted “the blood of Jesus against Obama history made 4Nov 2008 a Taliban Muslim illegally president.” Sarah Palin marked this tweet as favorite, but when she was called on it she claimed it was a mistake. Palin is no fool she knew what she was doing. If you want to be president you need to act presidential and agreeing with the president is a Muslim rumor is not going to cut it.



Ann Coulter Says Andrew Breitbart Deserves An Apology…He Was Set up

Ann Coulter was on Sean Hannity’s show trying to defend Andrew Breitbart. she claims he was “set up”. No he was not set up his mission was very clear…embarrass the NAACP, and if it took a little race baiting that was the price he was willing to pay. He does not deserve an apology. He is being criticized by his peers on the right and his enemies on the left and that is what he deserves, but Coulter is just looking for a way to make the villian the victor and few are buying her very biased assessment.