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Why was Ann Curry forbidden from sending comforting tweet to ABC Robin Roberts?

NBC Today Show took a rating hit last year and they have not been able to recover. They dumped Ann Curry and the public blamed Matt Lauer. That was June 2012, but the bad news keeps coming. When ABC Robin Roberts announced that she needed a bone marrow transplant Curry asked the network if she could send a tweet of support. NBC said no. Read the linked article to find out why.

NBC Dumped Ann Curry and Now it is Time to Trash Her

NBC News honcho Steve Capus is now sounding off on why Ann Curry was dumped. He says she was just not into it. She just couldn’t get with interviewing heads of state in one segment to making moon pies in another, and gushing over no talent reality stars. He has decided to question her passion for a job she coveted. Now a company has a right to make changes and a network responds to ratings. So if they wanted to move Curry that was their right, but don’t question her commitment to the job. The other day I posted Curry’s farewell and one of my frequent readers questioned why would I cover this story? I’ll tell you why I liked Ann Curry. I liked how she waited in the wings for her shot at the job, but I do not like the fact that she was kicked to the curb. She walks away with a big payday, but she was hurt once by her dismissal and now Capus has decided to pour a little salt on the open wound. On Monday I will be checking out Good Morning America.


Ann Curry’s last day as Today Show anchor

This morning Ann Curry confirmed what we have all heard. Today was her last day as a co-host on the formerly number one morning show. Sure she will leave with a boatload of money, but it was obvious that she loved her job and it was taken away from her. She has been positioned as if she alone is responsible for the recent ratings drop. She took the fall and as usual she did it with grace. Curry will be missed. Share your thoughts.

Why is Justin Bieber acting badly….3 black guys

Justin Bieber had a scuffle with a photographer this weekend. Ann Curry was discussing the scuffle with Star Jones and some no name media consultant this morning on the Today Show. They were discussing whether Bieber was provoked and are the photographers getting too bold, but Mr. Media Guy had another perspective. He contends that Bieber’s problems might stem from running with the brothers namely: Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent. Curry and Jones looked at him like he had two heads. It was interesting to see the black guy get blamed when none of them were at the scene of the incident.

Meredith Vieira Expected To Leave ‘Today Show’: TV Guide

TV Guide is reporting that Meredith Vieira will be leaving the Today Show at the end of the year. She is supposedly sick of the early morning grind. Ann curry is next in line for the coveted job, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see someone else get the job. What about Tamara Hall or maybe they could bring back Soledad O’Brien she used to anchor the NBC Weekend Today Show.  Maybe they could shake it up a little and not just select the next one off the assembly line.

Are these Japanese family reunions rigged for ratings?

I watched Today Show anchor Ann Curry reunite a California family with their daughter who teaches in Japan. It was a touching moment, but it felt a little contrived. Well, I am not the only one not truly feeling these made for tv moments. Several networks are being questioned about the warm and fuzzy moments they are creating. The television presence is an asset and if they can facilitate reunions it is a good thing, but does it have to play out for the camera. What do you think?


The Media Crucifixion of the OctoMom

Over the past few weeks we’ve watch the saga of the octuplets. When they were first born we saw over 40 doctors smiling broadly and sharing the story of their birth with the world. They were so proud and this had the look of a real feel good story, but over the past few weeks this story has taken a nasty turn. Initially we heard from a publicist as she shared the feelings of the mom, but once more of the details of her life were revealed we could literally feel the tide turning against her. We learned she was a single mom living with her mother. We learned she already had six children and then we saw her. The media became obsessed with her looks. They started saying she looked like Angelina Jolie. We started seeing old pictures of her and the media started speculating that she had been surgically augmented to look like the movie star.  We have seen both her parents declare that she is unbalanced.  We have seen a man emerge this week claiming to be the biological father of the children, but we have not heard whether or not he has any plans to help support the children. Yesterday, we knew we were in a circus when Gloria Allred big-footed her way into the situation. She is now appealing to the state for intervention on behalf of the children and now the mother is being threatened with the possibility of losing these children. We have witnessed a woman go from being celebrated to being vilified because she does not fit the mode. This is not Jon and Kate plus 8. This is a single mother with no job, living in a home that they might lose, her parents have pretty much called her a loon and now the state is threatening to intervene. The reality is we might not agree with her decisions, and we might resent paying the cost of supporting her family but this woman did nothing illegal. We saw the tide turning against her when she gave her first interview to Ann Curry. Curry has handled families with multiple births before and her tone has always been very loving and deferential, but when she questioned Suleman she did it like an investigative journalist questioning a criminal, and after that the octomom was simply raw meat thrown to the hounds.