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The Brutal World of Twitter Remembers Andrew Breitbart

I first learned of the death of Andrew Breitbart on Twitter. Once his death was confirmed the tweets started flowing. Some were simple RIPs, but some took issue with him and were not very kind. Our life is our testimony. We will all be remembered by what we said and what we did. Both are things we can control. Often those who agree with us will remember us fondly, and those that don’t will not wax poetically regarding our death. One of the tweets I read linked to the story I have linked to, and it talks about Brietbart’s response to the death Of Ted Kennedy. It was unkind. Some will say well maybe it was true, but did it need to be said the day he died? Sadly, today Brietbart in some quarters is receiving the same fate he readly meted out to others, and that is sad. Welcome to the Twitter world, it’s quick, but it can be so unkind.


Should ABC have Andrew Breitbart doing political commentary election night?

ABC has announced that right wing blogger Andrew Breitbart will be offering political insight election night. Breitbart is the blogger that released a portion of Shirley Sherrod’s NAACP speech to the media this spring and set off a firestorm. He was condemned for theis act by people on the left and the right. My question is should Breitbart be on the ABC panel Election Night? Tell me what you think.

Is this Racial Unity: Andrew Breitbart and Michael Steele to Headline RNC Fundraiser next Month?

The Republican Party says it does not condone the racist elements of the Tea party. So why would they have Andrew Breibart headlining a major fundraiser next month? We all know last week there were many mistakes made in the handling of the Shirley Sherrod case, but one thing we know for sure is the person that started the firestorm: Andrew Breitbart. He is the only person that has not apologized for his involvement. He meant to start a war and he did. So how can the Republicans invite him to headline their event and still claim to want to appeal to minorities? The answer is Breitbart excites the base and they are the ones that attend GOP fundraisers so they could really care less what others think. It’s their party and from the looks of things they want to keep it that way.

Ann Coulter Says Andrew Breitbart Deserves An Apology…He Was Set up

Ann Coulter was on Sean Hannity’s show trying to defend Andrew Breitbart. she claims he was “set up”. No he was not set up his mission was very clear…embarrass the NAACP, and if it took a little race baiting that was the price he was willing to pay. He does not deserve an apology. He is being criticized by his peers on the right and his enemies on the left and that is what he deserves, but Coulter is just looking for a way to make the villian the victor and few are buying her very biased assessment.

Shirley Sherrod Not Sure She Wants her Job Back

Shirley Sherrod appeared on a number of the morning shows today, and she was asked if she wanted her job back. She said she did not know and she went on to say “If they had just taken the time to — even without looking at the tape — to look at me, to look at what I’ve stood for, to look at what I’ve done since I’ve actually been at the department, I don’t think they would have been so quick to do what they did and so insistent. To now come back and say, ‘Well, we’re willing to look at this,’ it definitely is a little bittersweet.” She went on to say “I didn’t make a lot of noise. … I worked for fairness for everyone.” If there is a victim in this situation it is Sherrod. Yes she was inarticulate in trying to make her initial point, and Fox news is still chewing on the first words she said, but Sherrod got caught in the cultural crossfire. When the NAACP issued their resolution last week they might as well have thrown down the gauntlet. For some on the far right this was the war they have been waiting for and NAACP effectively started it. Yes, the NAACP had every right to issue the resolution but one has to wonder did they see the long term impact of such an act or was this partially an attempt to garner media attention? Well if that was part of the agenda they can claim victory. I have not heard this much talk about the organization in this century. People are talking, writing, blogging, tweeting about them, but is it for the right reasons?  Have their actions over the past week brought them closer to their mission? “The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.” Did the resolution against factions of the tea party, the denouncement of Shirley Sherrod, and later the apology to Ms. Sherrod move them any closer to their mission? No, but it did get them some attention from the press and the right and what they are learning is it is not always good to be in the spotlight.